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Telaena Flaertes was Duchess of Tuornen from 457 MR to 488. She was the daughter of Daulton Alam and Lanelle Flaertes.
Telaena had a reputation as a fierce fighter and strong commander. The Duchess led many forays into the Five Peaks, rooting out goblin bands that raided northern towns and homesteads. She became a heroine to her people, specially those in the northern provinces.
While Telaena concentrated on defending Tuornen's borders, the guilds grew strong, building on the developments that had been pioneered in Ghieste. The Source of the Maesil led the way under Julius Rhaedien, establishing control over the Tuor River trade. The guilds grew to rival those of Ghieste in prosperity.
Even after her marriage to Vaeran Tuor and the birth of her son, Gilgaed Flaertes, Telaena continued to lead her soldiers. Though the Five Peaks remained their primary target, sometimes she lead counter-strikes against Rhuobhe. It was during one of these daring attacks that she encountered the Manslayer. She died on that occasion, some say giving the Elf her bloodline.
Following Telaena's death, her husband, Vaeran, acted as regent until their son came of age.

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