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Brenna was the goddess of commerce and fortune, her people were explorers by nature but mostly they valued exploration for the wealth it brought for Brenna?s people were ever appreciative of comforts.
Perhaps that love of the finer things in life was responsible for the fact that while the other tribes had fled Aduria long before the Battle of Deismaar in the flight from the shadow, the people of Brenna were still leaving their lands as Azrai?s troops marched north with the last substantial wave of immigrants to Brechtür arriving only 5 decades before the great battle itself.
Brenna died at Deismaar at the hands of Azrai shortly after the dark god killed Vorynn as he tried to regain the loyalty of the Vos and sway them to the side of light. Some religious texts of Haelyn and Erik still maintain that Brenna was killed trying to flee the battle-field and the most fervent of their believers still scorn the Brecht to this day for Brenna?s cowardice. (This theory is better left unmentioned in Danigau and Müden in particular, as are mention of the rumors that all Brecht flee battle or try to bribe their way out of conflict.)
Brenna considered the house cat, sparrows and migratory swallows sacred.

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