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Arms of SoreliesArms of Sorelies

The most mountainous of Alamie?s provinces, although there are several stretches of moorland in the south, Sorelies is located along the border with the Five Peaks. The people here a hardy, isolationist folk who herd cattle and goats and care little for their duke, who lives so far away in the capital.
In fact, most people in Sorelies consider the influence of the duke of Alamie to end just beyond the walls of Sorentier, the central keep of the province. A forbidding edifice for such a remote region, Sorentier serves as the center of authority for the Duke?s activities in northern Alamie.
The Duke has also begun secretly training two units of knights here for a sudden blitz into northern Tuornen and the seizure of Haes itself. Many of the younger sons of nobility have journeyed north to join these new regiments and these soldiers, along the rough local folk have made the fortress a dangerous place to be if you are an outsider. Paranoia is rife and suspected spies are often disposed of quickly to ensure that no word of these two secret units leaks out.
Tasked with the administration of the keep and the training of the knights is Lord Alam?s own brother, Moerlan Alam. A cruel, brutal man, Moerlan serves as Baron of Sorelelies, and as such claims not only this province, but also Nortmoor and Soutmoor as part of his jurisdiction.

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