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Like much of the rest of Alamie, Alaroine is a flat plain and vibrant farmland. Fences criss-cross the province and fields of wheat, corn, and barley can be found growing everywhere. Although humans have lived in the province since before Deismaar, few of the towns here rise above 500 people, with the sole exception of the trade city of Alaroine, located near the heart of the province. Although the city has a large permanent population, this number swells considerably on market day when farmers and guilders from across the region flock to Alaroine to do business.

Alaroine is ruled by the elderly Count Maesel Alaroine (MA; Ftr6; Scion of Reynir, minor 15). The Count and his family, the House of Alaroine, are among the duke's most loyal servants and in his younger days, Maesel was a noted general in the Ducal Army. It is a role he has passed on to his eldest son, Robert Alaroine, one of Duke Alam's most capable commanders. Many of other his sons and nephews have also serve in the Alamien army.

Temple of Holy Fortune: As would be expected in a major trading city like Alaroine, the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie controls the hearts of most of the province's worshippers, although the Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn also has a presence. The Temple of Holy Fortune, located near the centre of the city, is one of the largest temples dedicated to Sarimie in all of Cerilia, and considered by some to be the heartland of the goddess's worship in Anuire. A large open structure, the Temple of Holy Fortune is more a marketplace than a true temple, although the main structure is said to have been above the tomb of the first priest of Sarimie in Anuire and is a site of pilgrimage for many worshippers of the goddess of trade. Aulus Halacaster is the Holy Minister of Alaroine and is a member of the important Halacaster family in Alaroine. The priests of Sarimie are often called on to settle disputes between traders and farmers who trade their goods within the temple grounds, but they have done little to control a growing underground trade war that is erupting. Both Mheallie Bireon and Ghorien Hiriele have holdings within the province and current competition between the two had led to bloodshed beyond the ability of the civil authorities to control.

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