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Located along the banks of the Tuor River, Deseirain is Alamie?s most central province, home to the capital city of Lofton and the majority of the Alamie army. Like the other provinces, it is primarily farmland, but several larger towns and villages can be found dotting the eastern bank of the river, often directly opposite similar towns along the Tuornen side of the river. Several of these towns serve as ports for the guilders, but unfortunately for the people of these towns the majority of river trade is routed through Haes, the capital city of Tuornen. This is a sore point among the Alamiens as it serves as a constant reminder of the wealth their nation lost when Tuornen broke away from the duchy.
The province is controlled by the Alam family, and falls under the direct administration of the duke himself, who has appointed Lord Moergan Deseirain (MAn; Rog 4; Scion of Anduiras; minor, 10) to run the province?s day-to-day activities. Lord Deseirain also serves as the duke?s head of intelligence and runs a network of agents throughout Alamie, keeping the duke informed of the various happenings throughout his nation, and, if the rumours are to be believe, throughout Tuornen and other nations as well. A member of Deseirain family has served in the role for the last three hundred years and in this relationship between the two noble families has been sealed by blood in the past, indeed the duke?s own mother was a daughter of the Deseirain family.
The Western Imperial Temple controls the worship here. Much of the Ducal Court, including the royal family, attend the temple?s services. Cnaesantia Deodatus is the Blessed Magistrate in Deseirain, like other members of her family who have also served the temple.
Lofton: A century ago the capital city of Alamie was one of the greatest in the Heartlands, straddling the mighty Tuor River and serving as a central point for merchants and farmers from both sides to bring their wares for sale to buyers from across Anuire. Though there were actually two cities, Lofton and Haes, the distinctions between the two were small. However, when the Duchy of Alamie split in two, the border fell along the river and split the city in two as well. Unfortunately, the build-up of silt along the eastern side of the river meant that it was too shallow for large merchant vessels, and traffic into Lofton dried up, leaving Haes with all the profits from the shipping and transport industries. Lofton also once supported a large shipbuilding industry, building small coasters and heavy transport barges. Much of this industry has shifted to Haes, although a few shipbuilders still ply their trade.
This loss of income has severely affected Lofton and in recent years it has begun to shrink in size and importance and the majority of Alamie?s merchants move to the more prosperous Alaroine, or cross the river into Tuornen. Only the continuing presence of the ducal court and the large military force based in the city is preventing this stagnation from becoming a general exodus.
Caer Alam: An ancient castle built atop a hill in the center of Lofton, Caer Alam is the ancestral seat of House Alam. An ancient structure dating back to the earliest days of settlement, when the human settlers had to fight off elven raids, the castle has been rebuilt several times over the ruins of older castles. Today, a labyrinth of old tunnels and forgotten rooms lie beneath the castle and popular stories tell of the ghosts of long dead Alam family members haunting the depths of Caer Alam.
The Duke's personal guard, a unit of extremely loyal elite infantry, garrisons Caer Alam, and other units are garrisoned in the surrounding city. Caer Alam is a level 4 fortification.

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