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Arms of BhalaeneArms of Bhalaene

Bhalaene refers to the province. You may also be looking for the historical Duchy of Bhalaene, or the City of Bhalaene
Bhalaene lies in the center of Ghoere, has the largest population within the barony and is the home of the baron himself. It is also the centre of the Militant Order of Cuiraécen. Bhalaene's history is long and the large walled city of Bhalaene was a trade center since it was the capital of the duchy of Bhalaene. The province is the granary of Ghoere too; here are some of the largest fields of Anuire although most of these crops are needed to maintain the enormous standing army of the baron. The province is lead by Governor Owen Tuorven (MAn; Nbl 3/ Ftr 1; unblooded; LE) who strictly obeys any order given by the baron.
Geoffrey Uluine is Lord of Uluine. His uncle, Taeric Uluine fled the civil wars of a generation ago and traveled to Khinasi.
Rock Roost Castle: This enormous fortress, Rock Roost Castle, stand on a large plateau in the center of the city of Bhalaene and is the home of Gavin Tael. Its imposing sight can make a visitor nervous for it is made completely of black stone. It is highly ornamented with gargoyles and different black birds. It is said that it's nearly impossible to conquer because of its thick walls and integrated traps. It was built after the union of the two duchies on the top of the razed castle of Bhalaene.
The baron's hunting forest: It is an old wood, existing since Deismaar and used as royal hunting ground by the baron and his nobles. Commoners are forbidden by death to enter it. Centuries of non-intrusion have made the forest wild and dangerous. Several stories are plotted around it including myths about satyrs and centaurs. Some even claim there to be a gate to the Shadow World, others swear they have seen a mysterious white stag that protects the forest.
Other than Bhalaene city, the following important settlements are present in the province:
Caplan (1,500 inhabitants): it's the largest settlemente outside the capital itself and it's the aricoltural centre of the province. The entire economy of the town is
centred around the collection, refinement, and shipping of the produce and crops of the surrounding farms and free holds. Many wealthy landowners and merchants live there.
Aergon's Pass: it's a small hamlet (no more than 100 dwellers) locate in the southern Bhalaene. It's famous for a strong and bitter dark lager brewed there. A temple of Haelyn's Aegis dominates the place.

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