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Laraeth is a fairly insular province. The people here go about their business, caring little for the conflict with the Tuors. Unlike the rest of Alamie, the province is not dedicated to the production of grains and livestock, but instead supports a growing wine industry. The fertile soil produces a deep, smooth flavour in the Laraeth wines and they are currently in favor among the nobility of Anuire.
The wealthy and powerful Laraeth family, a very prominent family in Alamie due to their blood ties with the Alams, rules the province. The current duke, Carilon Alam, was wed to Elaene Laraeth before her death, and Carilon?s grandfather, Berric, was wed to Ellaen Laraeth. The current count is Richard Laraeth (MA; Rog4/ Ftr1; Scion of Brenna, minor, 22) Elaene?s cousin, and a man who spends most of his time outside the province, either attending the Ducal Court, or out increasing the vast family fortune. The Laraeth family control one of the most renowned vineyards in Anuire, and their wines are sold across the continent, creating a steady stream of wealth into the province.
The Riverport Marsh: At the confluence of the Stonebyrn and Maesil Rivers, the Riverport Marsh encompasses much of Laraeth. The swamp is a dark, brooding landscape of stagnant pools, lush wildlife, and a particularly nasty stench. Few reside in the bog, but criminals, bandits, river pirates, and even a few scattered tribes of gnolls have made it their home, and at the same time avoiding the attentions of the Duke?s soldiers.
At the tip of the land in the confluence lies the ruins of Taergan Keep, a fortress the dukes of Alamie once used to levy taxes upon passing river traffic. The keep has since fallen into disuse and ruin following the Brother?s War and now serves as little hideout for river bandits.

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