In Wiki terminology, an Orphan is a page that's just floating around in the page database without having any other pages linking to it.   Sometimes, it will turn out to be a useful page that should be linked to from other pages.   Other times, maybe not.
You can help out by:
  • Figuring out good places to link to orphaned pages. Keep in mind though that once there is a single link to a page, it stops being an orphan and disappears from the list, so do try to link to it from all relevant places at once.
    • Keep in mind that orphans have a tendency to be low on content. You may want to tag too-short ones as stubs before you link them in anywhere.

  • Deciding that the page will never be anything other than an orphan, and chuck a link to it under one of the headings below. This gets it out of the list.

[top]Pages meant to be Orphans

Sometimes, there's just no obvious reason to link to a page from somewhere else. At least, it's unlikely enough that we don't want the page clobbering the auto-generated list of orphans above.   We add such pages to the categories below just to get them out of the list. Examples include:
  • Player pages
  • Glossary items (which are navigated via categories)
  • ... (more?)

We make no effort to keep these lists sorted. The only small concession to order we make, is try to categorize them somewhat in case someone decides to make a real page and link to a lot of them. If you can think of a new logical heading that'd be able to hold a bunch of orphans, feel free to add it!

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