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Arms of the Isilviere familyArms of the Isilviere family


The great Isilviere family, has a bloodline, history, and prestige to rival any of the great houses of Anuire. As such they are able to marry their eldest sons to the daughters of other great houses and maintain their impressive bloodline. Further, other great houses seek out their daughters for their bloodline, since so few great houses exist.


The Isilviere family is descended from Teried Isilviere, Count of Islien.
  • Teried Isilviere, Count of Islien, married to Nimue Alam
* Oisín Isilviere, Count of Islien, married to Jehanne Tielen
::* Elaine Isilviere, married to Ruormad Mhoried:::* Heirl Diem, Duke of Diemed, married to Briende Tael ::* Gaelin Isilviere, Count of Islien, married to Aerona Avan::::* Amirah Isilviere
::: married to Dulcie Nichaleir
:::* Kaela Isilviere, married to Aeric Boeruine, Archduke of Boeruine::::* Fhiele Boeruine:::* Louisa Isilviere married to Rhogarien Loerien.
::* Clarice Isilviere, presumed dead
::* Jeremias Isilviere, married to Gemma Drieste
* Derian Isilviere, Count of Fairfield, married to Gwyneth Jheron
::* Vaesin Isilviere, Count of Fairfield, married to Betrys Roesone
::* Daerin Isilviere, married to
:::* Gwyneth Isilviere :::* Gawain Isilviere :::* Joan Isilviere, married to Altaweir Enlien:::* Teried Roesone, married to Misoele Tour
:::* Marlae Roesone Baroness of Roesone
::::* Daenal Roesone :::* Raederic Roesone ::* Arwen Isilviere


Based in the province of Islien, the Isilviere family has put its scions in various provinces at various times, inheriting them or acquiring them by marriage. The most recent is perhaps Fairfield in Roesone.
Among the existing kingdoms today, only Aerenwe and Müden could establish themselves just by the use of silver and blue the way the Isilviere dynasty can. Even Tournen and Talinie emphasize one or the other color to differentiate themselves and avoid confusion. The old duchy of Ghieste could also simply use blue and silver, but it is now gone from the stage.
With a major bloodline that has run in the low 40's for quite some time, even the most senior houses in Anuire have blood connections to the Isilviere. During Imperial times, access to the Imperial Family and connections to a Roele bloodline set the ducal houses above the rest and Isilviere was a leading second rank house. Since the collapse of the Empire and the end of the Roele bloodline, Isilviere has been able to climb to the front rank of honor, influence and prestige. Currently, their only rivals in prestige is the great Tuor family, a family based in Tuornen. The two families have been in a subtle feud of intrigue since after Deismaar.
Isilviere manorIsilviere manor

They can trace their bloodline back to a hero at Diesmaar, Tristan d'Isilviere, who was named as a lieutenant of Erroll Brosen of tribe of Taegha. When the house of Brosen domainated the region now known as Taeghas and Brosengae, the Isilviere's were principle nobles in that great duchy. As the house of Brosen lost its hold on the people, the house of Isilviere stood with their ancient masters. It was only two centuries when the Aeric Mierelen's lack of a natural heir provoked a succesion crisis.
The current head of the house is Gaelin Isilviere. His wife is Aerona Avan. Their daughter, Kaela Isilviere, is married to Aeric Boeruine. Their son, Elton Isilviere, is married to Dulcie Nichaleir.
Heirl Diem is Gaelin's nephew through Heirl's mother, Faelnie Isilviere, Gaelin's sister.

Darien Avan is Aerona's nephew through Darien's father, Veladin Avan, Aerona's brother.
Other members of the Isilviere family includes:


Every family has born some ancestors of note through History. The following ancestors where generated randomly using the Hero Builder's Guidebook.
  • Tristan d'Isilviere -- Son of Isilviere, the founder of the house of Isilviere and the great Isilviere family. He was involved in a romance with Isolde Tuor, the founder of the Matriarchal house of Tuor. The romance had great promise; but terrible events had caused the lovers to separate.
  • Michale Isilviere -- A forgotten hero during the Reign of Alándalae Roele. Michale Isilviere was one of the Emperor's generals, and managed to win a major victory against Brecht Brigands in the Vicissitude Mountains. The reason why everyone forgot about him was because Anuire was facing a rebellion in Khinasi lands. Michale is still in the Family History of the Isilviere family. He is just forgotten -- he's listed as one of Gaelin's great grandfathers about 35 generations back.
  • Adrienne Isilviere -- A great Artisan. Adrienne Isilviere is hailed as a sculptor of marble, having helped start the Renaissance in Seasdeep. She created many works for the Empress Desiree Roele. She never married, but she is on the family history about 32 generations.
  • Saint Gervaise Isilviere -- A saint of the Peaceful Seas of Nesirie. Saint Gervaise was said to hear the Speech of the Sea, could talk to dolphins, and had saved an entire ship from the clutches of the Seadrake. Saint Gervaise is the ancestor of Gaelin some 15 generations back.

See Isilviere Castle for information on the family's organization.

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