Dulcie Nichaleir

Female Anuirean Noble 4/Ranger 3 (of Laerme); CR 7'''

Lineage of Royalty

Great Bloodline of Anduiras, 44

NG Medium humanoid

Special Abilities: Courage Divine Aura, Divine Wrath, Protection from Chaos, Unreadable Thoughts

Dulcie Nichaleir (OGC Picture: Copyright Mongoose Publishing)Dulcie Nichaleir (OGC Picture: Copyright Mongoose Publishing)

Notable Quotes

"The place for a wife is beside her husband, dear. I cannot no longer fight you, but I will support you."

Nadia Vasily> "You shall not lay a hand on my husband, nor will you lay a finger nail. He is my husband, witch!"

"It is nice to see you again, Omadi the Quick. It seems you've been away for far too long."

Dulcie Nichalier is the wife of Elton Isilviere, the champion of Freedom throughout Anuire. Her marriage to the revolutionary Knight Barronet was arranged by many of the Regents in Anuire, two of which included Marlae Roesone and Prince Darien Avan of Avanil as well as her own father, Rhobher Nichaleir. Her task was simple, to reign in a seemingly chaotic knight and his revolutionary ideas of destroying the Anuirean Feudal System and replacing it with a Free Market Economy. If the banneret knight succeeded, the nightmare that was Bhalaene and Ghieste might be repeated in Taeghas.
Dulcie tried everything to change her husband's ideas. Pleading, threatening, moments of dramatic fainting, reporting him to Caliedhe Dosiere, and denouncing him in the Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn, which didn't work since he is a sworn Paladin of Nesirie. Elton stayed steadfast to his beliefs and his questing. Finally, the beautiful bird gave up and joined him in supporting his ideals. She left the Priesthood of the Western Imperial Temple and became a ranger instead, replacing all of her Cleric Levels with Ranger levels.
Dulcie was born when Rhobher was just a Bishop in the Hierarchy. She is the youngest daughter, and therefore the one with the lowest dowry. She has two elder sisters: Rose and Hyacinth. Back when Rhobher was controlled by his ambitions, he married his two daughters to the sons of then Patriarch Haelyn Drieste. The marriages worked to let the Patriarch notice him and then eventually helped him become the present head of the Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn. He has three sons: Raesene, Jonas, and Primus. All beautiful and strapping sons. Dulcie was the youngest and most beautiful of them all.
However, it wasn't almost that way. At the age of two, Dulcie had come down with a life threatening fever. Blessing after blessing was thwarted. Finally, Rhobher prayed with all his might to Haelyn and actually received a vision. The vision was that of Haelyn, who told Rhobher not to restrain his youngest daughter, but to guide her throughout her childhood. It was then Rhobere saw Elton Isilviere, who was then five years of age. Rhobher promised Haelyn, who promptly healed her of her fever. Dulcie then thrived, as her parents guided her through her life, but not restraining her.
She grew up to be a beautiful vixen on her sixteenth birthday, a young woman that is said to be blessed by Haelyn himself. Rhobher had also ascended to the leadership of the Western Imperial Temple and that was when the rumor came. The Rumor was that of a young man who had freed all of his serfs on his fife. And Rhobher had remembered the vision.
However, Dulcie was kidnapped by Guilder Kalien, who wanted something that Rhobher had. Not to be intimidated by the Guilder, Rhobher called for knights to save her. Ten knights set out to fight Guilder Kalien. Only one had succeeded, a fine young man that Dulcie was attracted to and had fallen in love with.
The knight returned her to her family after some swift negotiations with the regent Guilder Kalien. The knight was gracious enough not to accept any reward for saving Dulcie and he returned to his homeland. When it was announced that Dulcie would marry Elton Isilviere, Dulcie was crushed. She had fallen in love with the mysterious Knight Errant, and she wanted to marry him. But Rhober explained to his daughter that he had no choice. Dulcie went to her room and cried.
Two months later, the wedding was announced and she was veiled and presented. The ceremony was formal, and performed by her own father. Her brother Raesene had given her away. At the end, when she lifted the veil, she found that Elton Isilviere was the knight that saved her from Guilder Kalien. She happily kissed him and their marriage was made legal and they both went to Seaside manor in Seamist County of Taeghas.
However, the marriage was anything but normal. Elton had three children from a previous marriage to the strong Amirah of Binsada. His methods was unorthodox, and his ideas dangerous. For two years, she tried everything to get him to change his ways. She failed at all of them, creating frustrations. Finally, when she was contemplating divorce she looked back at her marriage and realized that she was married to the man of her dreams.
So she changed herself: accepting Binsadan fashion and joining him on his adventures as a Ranger. She is also a shrewd diplomat, accepting her husband's philosophies of negotiating from a position of non-strength. Back then, she learned that she had to change everything externally to make things the way she wanted. Finding that doesn't work, especially with her husband, Dulcie had learned to change herself and internally.
She found freedom within her marriage, and the freedom promised to her by Haelyn. Later on, Rhobher would confide in Elton that he had a vision that his daughter would be everything he wasn't: and that Elton would be the catalyst in realizing his daughter's potential. Although he couldn't have her close, Rhobher is proud of his youngest daughter's spirit.

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