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Erin Isilviere was the eldest child of Derian Isilviere, the right hand man of Daen Roesone. The two men married their children, Erin Isilviere to Morghan Roesone. Erin saw four children live to adulthood, Teried Roesone, Betrys Roesone, Raederic Roesone, and Daena Tegan Roesone
Her brother, Vaesin Isilviere, succeeded their father as Count of Fairfield.
When her son, Teried, fell in love with his bride to be, Misoele Tour, Erin approved of the match after only a brief hesitation, and sacrificed to Laerme for the lasting love and affection of the young couple. Misoele's mother, Elaene Tuor believed this act tempted fate, for Isilviere-Tuor matches are thought cursed, and that Lady Luck saw the match ill thereafter.

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