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Arms of Elton IsilviereArms of Elton Isilviere

Male Anuirean Noble 4/Paladin of Freedom (Nesirie) 6

Baronet, Lord of Seaside
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The son of Gaelin Isilviere and Aerona Avan, Elton is the nephew of Darien Avan. His sister, Kaela Isilviere is married to Aeric Boeruine. This is not unusual for the Isilviere family, one of the great houses of Anuire. However, Elton is unconvention in that he rejects the legacy of Deismaar which understands blooded kings as the proper rulers of all men.
Elton Isilviere is an unusual man in the aspect that while he is a Champion of Nesirie, he is also a Champion of Freedom in Anuire. His antics of promoting order through less ruling is grating on both the leaders of Boeruine and Avanil. The Baronet is dangerous because he's perceived as an usurper.
Nothing is further from the Truth. Elton supports Law and Order, but not tyranny and oppression. Elton also supports Freedom and the right for a person to think for himself and govern himself. These ideas are foriegn to most Anuirean thinking. This was simply because the young man grew up in Suirene and traveled about Khinasi and Brechtur. He even married a Binsadan noble in his travels by the name of Amirah bint Rashoud who changed her name to Amirah el-Isilviere. She was a passionate woman.
When they returned to Taeghas, his Binsadan wife made quite a fashion statement. Her relunctance to adopt the fashion of Anuire and cling to the fashion of Binsada has made her the talk of the month in the Roesone court. Elton had begotten three childen by her, and Amirah died in childbirth giving birth to their third child: a daughter that Elton named Amirah after her mother.
When he was made Baronet he surprised everyone when he made all serfs in his fife freemen. To curb the young man's radical ideas the Baroness Marlae Roesone had him married to Dulcie Nichaleir.
Elton IsilviereElton Isilviere

His marriage to Dulcie had run the poor girl ragged in the first two years. His innocent honesty, and simple way of seeing the world had conflicted with her upbringing. Eventually, seeing no way out of the marriage because her uncle forbade it, Dulcie had changed to match him. She suddenly started to wear Binsadan fashion and began to support her Husband in his endeavors. While she is a shrewd negotiator, the girl negotiates not from a position of strength, but from a position of non-strength.
Elton has a lot of enemies and few friends in Anuire. People think he's too radical in court and outside Brosengae to be trusted with state secrets. Even during war, he sends his troops, but he is no where to be found: off on some adventure to promote Freedom through Anuire. His best enemy is Nadia Vasily: they helped each other as much as they clashed with each other. Both don't like or trust each other -- but both were put into various positions where they had to help each other. Elton had secretly gained her love, Nadia loves the man even though she doesn't recognize it herself.
In the end, Elton is probably the most dangerous man to Anuirean culture. His devotion to Freedom under the rule of Law rather than kings has made him bitter enemies: Boeruine being one, and Darien Avan the other. The scariest thing to both of them is that Caliedhe Dosiere has taken a liking to him. And that is because Elton doesn't want to sit on the Iron Throne at all.

Elton's Landholdings
Elton holds a minor landholding near the sea. He controls Seaside Manor as his house, which is a modest sized manor compared to Isilviere Castle. He controls the small fife by not ruling it. All of his serf families, which number twenty and three, were made free men.

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