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Gaelin Isilviere is a head of the Isilviere family, scholarly political thinker, and advisor to Harald Khorien and Darien Avan. His organization is primarily designed to run his county of Islien, but it does bear the stamp of its master. Gaelin prefers his officials to be intelligent and curious, and those closest to him share at least some academic qualities.



  • Aeric Boeruine -- Though they are in hostile camps, with regards to one another they show preferential and familial treatment. Gaelin is Aeric's father-in-law.
  • Darien Avan -- Gaelin advises Darien in correspondence as well as being the Prince's uncle by marriage.
  • Harald Khorien -- The Count of Taeghas is a friend of Gaelin. They meet socially as well as cooperate politically.



There are eight young men and women who have been recommended to Gaelin for their intelligence and aptitude and now serve him as loyal agents. Most of their time is spent on research and assisting the count, but they have acted as couriers and spies from time to time as well
== House of Isilviere ==
Your PC can be a member of the Isilviere house. You can select one of the identified characters above, replace one of those characters with your own PC, or add a new PC.
Isilviere is a political house. It is one of the oldest names in Anuire, and stands right behind the greatest houses in prestige and dignity. Influence, prestige, and honor come to the house of Isilviere by her connections, ability to broker deals, and advise the greatest houses. Diplomacy, administration, and leadership are the core skills of Isilviere. Gaelin Isilviere, the current head of the house, seeks to govern his people well, and of course to gain influence and power for his family, but his personal goal is also to understand and explain the political world to his friends and allies.
If a PC comes from the house of Isilviere, he should receive an extra contact anywhere in the Western Coast, Southern Coast, or Heartlands. In addition, the PC can use his family name to open doors, receiving a +2 circumstance bonus to any Diplomacy or non-combat Intimidate checks made to anyone familiar with the house of Isilviere.


Gaelin Isilviere's organization can be an affiliation in your campaign.
Symbols: Blue and White alone can suggest Isilviere to nobles and heralds. Clearer symbols include a semy of billets on a field of blue. Isilviere also cants its name by preferring silver as a metal.
Background, Goals, and Dreams: The heads of the house of Isilviere have shown no ambition to acquire a great realm or domain to match their bloodline. Instead, they desire to be recognized as peers to the greatest families in Anuire. Winning fame, honor, or dignity for the house is a prized achievement. Uncovering books, documents, or letters related to Anuirean politics or history will please the head of the house, Count Gaelin.

[top]Adventure Seeds

This section provides some adventure seeds to use if you use the Isilviere family in your Anuirean campaign.
  • Clarice Isilviere has been found! -- This seed is good for campaigns revolving around Ghoere as an antagonist. The PCs have been adventuring and they run into Stanisslav Gregarin and his consort; Clarice Isilviere. With some quick identifying magic they confirm that the female of the Warlock Duo is actually Clarice Isilviere. With a word to the Baronet Knight, Elton runs off to get his sister and to kill Stanisslav Gregarin.

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