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Faelnie Isilviere married Vandiel Diem the younger. She was the older sister of Gaelin Isilviere. Her son is Heirl Diem.
In 474 MR, Daen Roesone sent his right-hand man, Derian Isilviere, to negotiate a title for the lands Daen now ruled in Diemed. Vandiel had granted Daen authority as a governor in eastern Diemed and saw no reason to extend that authority. The arrival of Darien (his first cousin once removed, by marriage) to argue for the governor involved Faelnie in the matter.
Both Faelnie and Derian had been part of diplomatic maneuvers set in motion by Teried Isilviere and continued by his son Oisín Isilviere. Because of shifting alignments in Taeghas, the home of the Isilviere family, Teried had sought to move closer to Avanil and the Southern Coast, without, he hoped, giving up the family's very strong position on the Western Coast. Derian, Teried's nephew, was married to Gwyneth Jheron, daughter of the Count of Aerele. This later opened the door for Oisín to marry his own daughter to the heir of Diemed, Vandiel Diem.
Faelnie understood that she and Derian were supposed to be working to build influence for their family on the Southern Coast. However, try as she might, she could not reconcile the positions of her husband, Vandiel, and her cousin's captain, Daen Roesone. Vandiel was determined to make the same mistake his namesake and ancestor, Vandiel Diem the elder had made with Endier. When the cause was lost, she advised her cousin that Vandiel was determined, and Derian returned to Caercas.

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