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Arms of the Tuor familyArms of the Tuor family


The great Tuor family, has a bloodline, history and prestige to rival any of the great houses of Anuire. As such they are able to marry their eldest sons to the daughters of other great houses and maintain their impressive bloodline. Further, other great houses seek out their daughters for their bloodline, since so few great houses exist.
With a major bloodline that has run in the high 30s for quite some time, even the most senior houses in Anuire have blood connections to the Tuor. During Imperial times, access to the Imperial Family and connections to a Roele bloodline set the ducal houses above the rest and Tuor was a leading second rank house. Since the collapse of the Empire and the end of the Roele bloodline, Tuor has been able to climb to the front rank of honor, influence and prestige.
The great Tuor family is a rival house to the famous Isilviere family based in Taeghas.
The Tuors can trace their line back to Aerona Tuor, who assumed control of the family after the events at Deismaar. Aerona was a cunning lieutenant of Haelyn's who happened to gain a Great Brenna bloodline. Through the years, the bloodline had become diluted to the strength that it is now. Members of the Tuor family to receive the bloodmark of the line, and many do, have a birthmark in the shape of an eagle on the back of their left hand.
The Tuor family is controlled by a matriarchy rather than a patriarchy like the Isilvieres. The current Matriarch is Jaedime Tuor, and the matriarchy has been maintained since Mount Deismaar. Jaedime is married to Arden Cariele, who manages the defenses of Tuor's Hold. They have four sons, and three daughters; a total of seven children. Their four sons include:
Their three daughters include:
Other living relatives that bear the Tuor name include:
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  • Isolde de Tuor -- daughter of Tuor. Isolde is considered the founder of the Matriarchy the Tuor family. She was romantically involved with Tristan (of Isilviere); however tragic events had caused them to split. Both have ancestors dating back to Roele.

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