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Celestial Jewel of Sarimie

Sacred Broker Temias Coumain


GB Income:
20 GB
RP Income:
30 RP
Court (6 GB)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with a Chaotic Evil tendency.


Sacred Broker Temias Coumain

[top]Teaching and Doctrine


The Celestial Jewel of Sarimie is the largest and oldest temple to Sarimie, the goddess of trade, wealth, and luck, in Anuire. Sarimie has always been popular in the towns as the patron of merchants. As the Heartlands grew more prosperous, the towns grew larger and more influential and the nobility itself became more involved in banking and long distance trade. In the Duchy of Ghieste, this lead the faith of Sarimie to capitalize on the fracture of the Imperial Temple and withdraw from Haelyn's Aegis and form its own domain as the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie. Its influence spread quickly over the subsequent generation and by the time of the Sword and Crown in 396, the Celestial Jewel was dominant, and the temple of Haelyn which had been dominant in Ghieste since the schism of the Imperial Temple, Haelyn's Aegis had fallen into difficulty. The Grand Master Enrik Maricoere had received much support and encouragement from fellow temples and during the reign of Duke Anphelan Ghieste, Enrik pushed back against the Celestial Jewel.

The Celestial Jewel and the guilds struck back with secret tactics, including fires in temples, whispering campaigns against priests, and theft of temple wealth. The temples of Haelyn responded with men on horseback who brought the same violence to the guilds in broad daylight. Throughout the struggle, Enrik pursued harsh punishments for the merchants and bureaucrats of Ghieste, for their crimes against Haelyn and the Empire were unforgivable in his eyes. When Grand Master Enrik chose to agitate the masses in the city of Ghieste, he threw a match on dry tinder. During this time the great guild houses of Traibien and Maesallier had an important marriage which brought together many leading devotees of Sarimie. Knights of Haelyn cut down Guild Master Norman Colignae and the people in town devoted to Haelyn took inspiration from the attack and took up arms and went into the streets. Though the followers of Haelyn were outnumbered, their doctrine taught courage and confrontation of danger, while the doctrine of Sarimie taught followers to hide their wealth for fear of its loss. Compounding the bad feeling was the fact that the harvests had been poor; the rise in prices and the luxury displayed on the occasion of the guild wedding intensified the hatred felt by the common people. For six days a mob ran riot burning the homes of merchants and wealthy craftsmen, killing them when they could and their families as well.

Physically, Duke Anphelan had never been strong, tending towards tuberculosis. The strain following the Massacres weakened his body to the point where, by spring of 404 MR, the hoarse coughing turned bloody and the hemorrhages grew more violent. He became bedridden and delusional,

''What blood shed! What murders! What worthless council I have followed! O my Sarimie, forgive me...I am lost! I am lost!"

After the death of Duke Anphelan, his uncle, Rhegor Ghieste, who had been Chancellor these eight years succeeded as Duke. As Chancellor, he had been involved in coordinating with the guilds and the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie. He had been involved in plots against Haelyn's Aegis, though did not participate in any violence. When he succeeded as Duke, he tried to reconcile with Haelyn's Aegis.

However, Haelyn's Aegis was undergoing its own schisms. While the followers of Cuiraécen appreciated the firm way the Aegis dealt with its Sarimite rivals, its position regarding the schism of the Western Imperial Temple and Impregnable Heart of Haelyn form the Orthodox Imperial Temple disturbed the Militant Order of Cuiraécen. In 403 MR, the Militant Order of Cuiraécen elected their first Grand Master.

In 404 MR, Rhegor signed the Edict of Beaulieu, granting many concessions to the Haelynites. His action resulted in the guild activist, Elamien Traibien, forming the League of Sarimie. After much posturing and negotiations, Rhegor was forced to rescind most of the concessions that had been made to Haelyn's Aegis in the Edict of Beaulieu.


Temias Coumain's protégé, Larra Nielems has been sent north. Temias and Larra greatly extended the influence of the Celestial Jewel against the complacent Western Imperial Temple.

When an aggressive guilder, Mheallie Bireon, began reforming the Stonecrown Coster in Cariele, Temias Coumain urged her to go there and establish a temple of her own. He promised support until she should could get established, as well as an alliance hereafter. In order to conceal their cooperation, Larra formed the Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie, using the appearance of of division between the new Church in Cariele and the Celestial Jewel, since some templars might oppose Larra on the basis of opposing the expansion of the Celestial Jewel. On the other hand, opponents of the Celestial Jewel might welcome a schism. In fact, Larra and Temias Coumain remain close allies.

[top]Major Centers of Worship

The Temple of Holy Fortune in Alamie is the oldest church dedicated to Sarimie in Anuire. A large open structure, the temple is more a marketplace than a true temple, although the main structure is said to have been built on the site of the rhapsody of Adrian Velfor and is a site of pilgrimage for many worshippers of the goddess of trade. The priests of Sarimie at the temple are often called on to settle disputes between merchants who look to the law of Sarimie for its rules on matters of trade, contracts, and finance.


The Sacred Broker is chosen by the Holy Board of Directors, a council of 5 priests.

The Holy Board also choose new members when one of them dies or resigns.

The Sacred Broker stays in charge until he dies or he's sacked by the Holy Board and his task is to achieve the Holy Board's goals which usually are to expand the church's influence and to increase its revenues.

In the realm where CJS is active, its members' duties are to formally register commercial contracts between merchants or artisans, to settle dispute on disagremeent about them, and to lobby in the landed regents' courts for merchants' interests.

[top]Important Figures

The Sacred Broker Temias Coumain, domain regent

The members of The Holy Board of Directors:

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Celestial Jewel of Sarimie
Alaroine, Alamie (5/0)CA (4)CJS (3)MB (3)-
WIT (2)GH (2)
Hildon, Alamie (2/3)CA (1)CJS (2)MB (2)-
Laraeth, Alamie (3/2)CA (2)CJS (3)GH (3)Ca (2)
GK (0)
Nortmoor, Alamie (1/4)-CJS (1)MB (1)-
Soutmoor, Alamie (2/3)-CJS (2)GH (2)-
Anuire, Avanil (7/0)DA (7)WIT (4)PAI (4)HK (0)
CJS (3)EM (2)
AV (0)
Bhrein, Avanil (4/1)DA (4)CJS (2)EM (2)HK (1)
WIT (2)PAI (2)
Caulnor, Avanil (5/0)DA (5)WIT (3)PAI (4)HK (0)
CJS (2)AV (1)
Daulton, Avanil (5/4)DA (5)CJS (3)PAI (3)HK (2)
WIT (2)AV (2)
Duriene, Avanil (4/1)DA (4)CJS (3)PAI (3)HK (1)
WIT (1)EM (1)
Endier, Endier (6/0)GK (6)CJS (3)GK (6)Ca (0)
WIT (3)
City of Anuire, Imperial City (10/0)CD (3)WIT (3)GK (2)COS (0)
DA (3)LPA (2)PAI (2)
AB (2)MOC (2)ML (1)
HD (2)CJS (1)
Crenier, Mieres (2/5)AV (1)CJS (2)AV (2)Mhi (3)
Abbreviations: CA = Carilon Alam (Alamie); CJS = Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain); WIT = Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn (Rhobher Nichaleir); MB = Mheallie Bireon (Source of the Maesil); GH = Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders); GK = Guilder Kalien (Endier, Heartlands Outfitters); Ca = Caine; DA = Darien Avan (Avanil); PAI = Parnien Anuvier Iniere (Prince's Pride); EM = Eriene Mierelen (Brosengae, Brosen Royal Guild); AV = Arron Vaumel (Mieres, Straits of Aerele Shipping); HK = Harald Khorien (Taeghas); CD = Caliedhe Dosiere (Imperial City); AB = Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine); HD = Heirl Diem (Diemed); LPA = Life and Protection of Avanalae (Medhlorie Haensen); MOC = Militant Order of Cuiraécen (Fhylie the Sword); ML = Moerele Lannaman (Maesil Shippers); COS = College of Sorcery; Mhi = Mhistecai;

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