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Rheogr Ghieste was Duke of Ghieste after serving his niece Briende Ghieste and nephew Anphelan Ghieste as Chancellor. He is the last Duke of Ghieste.
Unlike his father, Liemen Ghieste, and elder brothers, Halmied Ghieste and Liemen Henri Ghieste, he had little interest in the traditional Ghieste family pastimes of hunting and physical exercise, although he was both fond of and skilled in fencing, preferring instead to indulge his tastes for the arts and reading ? leanings which were attributed to his mother, Donella Aneirin.
As Chancellor, he had been involved in coordinating with the guilds and the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie. He had been involved in plots against Haelyn's Aegis, though did not participate in any violence. When he succeeded as Duke, he tried to reconcile with Haelyn's Aegis.
In 404 MR, Rhegor signed the Edict of Beaulieu, granting many concessions to the Haelynites. His action resulted in the guild activist, Elamien Traibien, forming the League of Sarimie. After much posturing and negotiations, Rhegor was forced to rescind most of the concessions that had been made to Haelyn's Aegis in the Edict of Beaulieu.
In 408, the Duke's youngest brother and heir presumptive, Trevan Ghieste, died. Under traditional law, it was unclear whether Regien Tael, heir to the Barony of Ghoere or Carilon Bhalaene Duke of Bhalaene and descendant of Caerellyn Ghieste was the proper heir.

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