This article is about the general use of espionage in Birthright.

You might be looking for the Espionage domain action.

Information is always a vital commodity in the world of warfare, politics and trading. Often, this requires a bit of espionage to obtain intelligence that is not obvious to the general public. This is true in Cerilia, be it provincial regents trying to work out any future agreements between neighbours, generals watching the planning movements of armies, or guilders determining the production levels of their opposition.
There are two key ways to get the information
  • pay an "independent" agent to obtain the information for you, or
  • set up your own spy network

Espionage can also be used to place people, items or spells in places they would not normally have access to. This may result in many things including assassination.
As a regent, you can devote your resources to a particular bit of espionage by executing the Espionage domain action.
One of the roles of a character may be to act as a spy for his or her regent.

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