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Bindier is the heart of Brosengae and seat of the capital, also named Bindier. The province sustains itself with farming, fishing and of course trade, the lifeblood of Brosengae and the secret to the Mierelen family wealth. As by far the most pleasant province of Brosengae, many of the Brosen nobles, including others from Avanil, Taeghas, Diemed and Mieres, maintain villas here for summer residence, although only the richest can afford stay all year round in large, well-appointed estates. The Duchess rules this province directly as Countess of Bindier, but it is said she is considering which of her advisers can be trusted to become her only Count with real power.

The city of Bindier is Brosengae's capital and numbers some 8,000 people, approximately one-quarter of the entire Brosen population. It is noted for its profusion of tailors and fashion houses, and it is said that in matters of courtly fashion, "so goes Brosengae, so goes the Empire". The Duchess' fortified palace, Caer Brosen, is the home of the Empire's largest standing court, with festivals and events happening nearly every day. More espionage and double-dealings are conducted in the castle's halls on a daily basis than almost anywhere else in Anuire.

Tempest Cape is a peaceful fishing town in the south of Bindier and, other than fish, is maintained almost entirely by the great estates of the various nobles living nearby. A great many merchants visit in hopes of selling to the wealthy elite and Tempest Cape flourishes due to this special attention.

Stormwatch Isle is the small roughly triangular island located off Bindier's western coast. The island's only temple, Stormwatch Abbey, is the spiritual heart of the faithful of Nesirie and the centre of a small but thriving village and many tiny outlying farms. Including the monks, approximately 1,000 people live here in relative peace and isolation. So named because it has the most changeable weather in all of Brosengae, the island is also home to a secluded laboratory maintained by Lord Malcolm Mierelen, the Duchess's uncle, chief adviser and one-time senator.

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