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Lord Gavin Mierelen, Count of Bindier, the Duchess of Brosengae's sadly departed husband and father of her four children, was both the son-in-law and nephew of the Duke of Brosengae and the youngest brother of Rhaela Taliern, Countess of Taliern.
Although officially devoted to his wife, children and duties as the Count of Bindier, a title traditionally reserved for the heir to the throne, it was well-known that he was overly appreciative of women other than his wife and was even said to have become inappropriately close to one or two other women.
His unexpected and tragic death occurred in 553 MR when, during a regular riding excursion, his horse reared suddenly and he slipped from the saddle and broke his neck. This tragedy had such an effect upon the royal family that they remained in mourning in Brosengae until very recently.

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