Anuire » Western Coast » Brosengae » Elaenadaere Dhoelachnal
Female Elf Sorcerer 8/ Bard 2; CR: 10

Dowager Duchess of Brosengae

Lineage of Elven nobility

Major Bloodline of Basaia, 48

Neutral Evil Medium Humanoid (Elf)


Init +0

Languages Anuirean, Draconic, Goblin, Sidhelien (native)

AC , touch , flatfooted

Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed 30 ft

Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str 8, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 20


Feats: Eschew Materials (bonus in lieu of not summoning a familiar)

Special Qualities: Immunity to magical sleep, +2 to saves vs. enchantments, Infamous Reputation, Keen Senses (+2 to Listen ,Search & Spot checks), Low-light Vision, Nature's Stride, Timeless, Weapon Proficiency (long sword, shortbow, longbow); bardic music, bardic knowledge, countersong, inspire courage; Divine Aura (Major), Protection from Evil (Major)

Description: , lbs


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framed|Elaenadaere Dhoelachnal

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Elaenadaere Dhoelachnal, Lady Mierelen, Dowager Duchess of Brosengae, has long been an anomaly, all the more so considering that she is one of the mysterious and timeless Sidhelien. The Duke never explained to anyone how or why he met her or how events developed from there to allow an Elven lady to become Duchess-Consort of Brosengae. After the death of her husband, her daughter's succession to power and the impending majority of her eldest grandchild, she withdrew from court, first to Stormwatch Isle and then to parts unknown.

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