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Lord Maeric Mierelen, late Duke of Brosengae and born simply Maeric Taliern, was the father of the current Duchess of Brosengae and was the son, brother and uncle of the last three Counts of Taliern. He was also the man who led the Avanil-backed insurrection against his own family, installed himself as Duke of Brosengae and swore fealty to the previous Prince of Avanil, Veladin Avan.
Related to the Mierelen family through his mother, daughter of the Count of Marilen, he was the son of Lord Daeric Taliern, Count of Taliern, and the youngest brother of Lord Torgar Taliern, the next Count.
A wildly unpopular man, he was dominated by his Elven wife Elaenadaere, her powerful personality and insightful decisions making up for his weak and often ineffectual rule, and it was even rumoured that it was his wife who was actually running the country. Unfortunately, in early 552 MR, his lavish lifestyle and love for festivities became his undoing, when a heart attack, complicated by severe indigestion, took him to his bed, where he later died.

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