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[top]Olfjor Ylvarrik's cohorts, followers, and allies

Olfjor Ylvarrik is the Jarl of Arvaald and a leader of the anti-royalist party in Stjordvik. Along with Guthrim Gauksson and some druids in the Emerald Spiral, Olfjor opposes royal power in favor of the independence of the jarls. While he is stubborn and independent, he is not treasonous and would not seek to obtain his independence by sacrificing others in Stjordvik. Rather he regards the natural state of Stjordvik as one where the jarls are independent and there is no sacrifice of power to make to the king.




Twenty Loyal Guard of Arvaald: male or female Rjurik Fighter 2/Huskarl 2; CR 4; Medium humanoid HD 2d10+2d12

[top]House of Ylvarrik

Your PC can be a member of the Ylvarrik house. You can select one of the identified characters above, replace one of those characters with your own PC, or add a new PC.
Ylvarrik is a military house with some political interests, but at its essence it focuses on war. War brings prestige, influence, and honor to the house of Ylvarrik. There is booty to be won as well, but neither Olfjor nor his followers seek to capture coin or herds, but seek the immortal glory of song.
The Ylvarriks have fought the enemies of Stjordvik and traveled to other realms to defend the Rjurik against non-humans. They adventure and sponsor adventures hoping that the glory and success will add to their reputation. If the PCs are not members of the house they can expect to encounter its members as they campaign. Indeed one of the reasons that the house of Ylvarrik is so well detailed is so that campaigns spending a significant amount of time in Sjordvik can encounter them both in and around the realm. They will certainly be seen fighting the Blood Skullers, fighting the Rjuvik raiders, and possibly undermining the government of Fulgar the Bloodhanded.
If the PCs are in league with Hjalmar Helder, Heidrek Bern, and King Varri then a lot of the the future politics of Stjordvik depends on how the PCs get along with the house of Ylvarrik. If the scions of Ylvarrik are running around with the players, as rivals, enemies, or allies, its liable to effect the politics later in the campaign.
Associated Classes: Aristocrat, expert, fighter, huskarl, ranger, skald, and warrior.
Associated Skills: Craft (armorsmithing), Craft (weaponsmithing), Handle Animal, Knowledge (nobility and royalty), Ride, Survival.
Supplies Available: The house of Ylvarrik can provide mundane weapons and armor common to a huskarl, that is ringmail, kite shield, and battleaxe.
Ylvarrik Contacts:

Sihtric Hlothversson, Commoner 4 (tavern owner)

Leofwine Hludwigsson, Expert 4 (armorsmith)

Rikhard Rabansson, Scout 3 (watching the Blood Skulls)


Olfjor's MenOlfjor's Men

Olfjor Ylvarrik's organization can be an affiliation in your campaign.

Symbol: A red bear on a gold field is the blazon of the house of Ylvarrik. As a badge or emblem, it is often alone. Sometimes Olfjor seeks to remind others of his connections to the royal houses of Halskapa, Rjuvik, and Stjordvik, and mixes his bear with the axe of Stjordvik, the ship of Rjuvik, and the raven of Halskapa.

Background, Goals, and Dreams: Olfjor has three preoccupations: his independence from the crown, fighting the Blood Skullers, and festivities. Of these the first is mostly attitudinal. Olfjor and his followers don't do much to actively protect their independence, they simply don't cooperate with the crown unless the issue at hand is foreign hostilities, especially from the Blood Skull Barony or Rjuvik. Olfjor will always mobilize to fight either realm. Olfjor and his followers do spend a lot of time fighting, or preparing to fight. They prepare by maintaining their gear, training for combat, and engaging in large scale hunts for deer and boar. Olfjor may take two dozen of his followers out on a boar hunt and critique them not only on their hunting prowess, but on their stealth and cunning in the woods. He points out places that goblins might hide, set traps, or set an ambush. He asks his officers if they saw worg riders crest this hill or emerge from that copse of trees, what they would do to get them men ready to fight. Olfjor and his followers also throw quite a party. These celebrations have several functions. First, Olfjor just likes a good feast and good entertainment. Second, these competitions are a chance for his people and others in his province to show off their combat prowess, and the jarl offers handsome awards for prizes in the contests. Third, Olfjor believes that a good festival is a time for his men to blow off steam, and that this allows them to remain disciplined the rest of the time. After all, if he provides opportunities for them to drink too much and chase young women around and whatnot, then he has every right to demand they remain devoted to their duty the rest of the time. Finally, these festivals are very good for the morale of Olfjor's organization and province. One would have to travel some distance to find a more beloved jarl or king.

Enemies and Allies: Olfjor, as mentioned above would oppose any organization loyal to Fulgar the Bloodhanded or the Scarlet Baron. Olfjor also knows that Hjalmar Helder is too well informed to simply be observant. While Olfjor would acknowledge that the Chamberlain probably has access to divination magic, Olfjor also suspects that Hjalmar has spies working for him. If Olfjor were to uncover individuals passing information to Hjalmar, he and his organization would certainly be hostile to them. However, Olfjor is not interested in murdering royal officials, so while a spy might expect to be beaten up and threatened, its more likely that Olfjor and his people would hinder and agent of Hjalmar and make they feel very unwelcome. That would probably extend to locals who associated with known agents of the Chamberlain. Other organizations would be regarded mostly according to their adherence to traditional Rjurik values. Druids, jarls, and nomadic tribes would be regarded favorably, while Ghuralli, the White Witch, wizards and sorcerers, elves, or those consorting with trolls, goblins, or giants would be regarded as hostile. Olfjor regards guilds with indifference, though it is always best to approach him as a traditional Rjurik rather than one who has embraces Brecht or Anuirean styles and attitudes. Olfjor knows that Heidrek Bern is a royalist, but old Heidrek is plain spoken and tells the jarl to his face what he thinks. Olfjor may disagree with the Marshal, but he respects him and his desire to defend the kingdom. In fact, Olfjor has remarked privately that if he were Marshal, he'd probably end up more of a royalist himself, as the job is simply easier if the Marshal can give orders to the whole country. As such, when the enemy is near, Heidrek and his followers are regarded as friendly. When peace prevails, they are neutral. When the two organizations confront one another they are unfriendly. Knowing that the next alarm will see them fighting side by side, they never regard the army or Heidrek as hostile.

Members: Olfjor's interests are entirely based in Arvaald and his members are all residents of his province. While it is possible for his people to be encountered elsewhere, they are generally traveling on personal business. The one exception is that couriers and envoys do travel to Guthrim Gauksson's longhouse in Hollenvik. Olfjor sometimes recruits warriors from outside the province, but they generally have to impress him first, as he would just as soon recruit his followers from his home province. Members of Olfjor's organization are generally warriors and fighters, with a few scouts, rangers, druids, and skalds as well.
Type: Goverment
Scale: Level 8 province of Arvaald
Affiliation Score Criteria: Generally only Rjurik are accepted in the organization. Olfjor may hire a dwarven smith or a halfling bard, but only an exceptional individual could be accepted in his organization. Members must swear fealty to Olfjor.
CriterionAffiliation Score
Character Level+1/2 PC's level
Noble, Fighter, Warrior, Druid,
Ranger, Scout, or Bard
5 or more ranks in Survival+1
Base attack bonus +5 or higher+1 per five bonus
Takes part in a battle with Olfjor or his men
against Blood Skull Barony or Rjuvik raiders
+1 per battle
Openly rejects the faith of Erik-5
Commits a crime in Arvaald-4
Huskarl prestige class+1/2 class level
Get drunk with Olfjor+1
Titles, Benefits, Duties: Advancing in Olfjor's household means always being ready to muster and repell a raid from the Blood Skullers.
Affiliation ScoreTitle: Benefits and Duties
3 or lowerNo affiliation or new recruit with no benefits
4-10Soldier: You are summoned to war with Olfjor and his men and are invited to festivals.
11-19Sergeant: +2 circumstance bonus to influence the attitude of residents of Arvaald.
20-29Huskarl: +1 on attacks against goblins or orogs of the Blood Skull Barony.
30 or higherCaptain: Gain immediate audience with Olfjor. +1 Commander rating, up to a rating of 5.
Executive Powers: Harvest, Holidays, Law, War
Using Olfjor's Organization in your campaign

Olfjor and his men are most likely to be encountered at a festival in Arvaald or fighting the Blood Skull Barony in Lofkirdik or Hjorvaal. Olfjor's household would also be a key faction of any civil war in Stjordvik.
Capital: 11 Violence: +4 Espionage: +2 Negotiation:+2
Olfjor has the power to declare holidays. Often the jarl declares a holiday just because he wants a feast, but he is always careful to celebrate a holiday sacred to Erik or famous from the history of Stjordvik. Every season that Olfjor has a festival (and that is certainly every season, he often has one or two festivals a month) he rolls a d20 + his court level. On a result from 8-17 he gets a +1 bonus to his seasonal domain attitude adjustment. If his result is 18 or higher, he gets a +2 bonus.
Instead of using the domain rules for the jarl, and collecting a base of 2/3 GB, Olfjor's household makes a harvest check. Hagal Amalwinsson, Olfjor's steward makes an Administration check
Lore: Characters with Gather Information or Knowledge (nobility) can reserach Olfjor's household to learn more about them. When a character suceeds on a skill check, the following information is revealed, including the information from lower DC's.
DC 10: Olfjor likes to fight the Blood Skull goblins and retire to a victory feast.

DC 15: Olfjor trains his men with constant practice and hunting to keep them sharp.

DC 20: Olfjor and his household prize their independence, but neither he nor his men would consider initiating violence against the crown.

DC 30: Characters who achieve this level of success can learn important details about Olfjor's household including which captains are current favorites and what they are renowned for. He might otherwise have the name of one of Olfjor's bastards. Their number is not inconsiderable and they often end up as his huskarls.

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