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Isagel Ylvarrik was the younger sister of Olfjor Ylvarrik, though she is thought to be dead. She was the daughter of Haakon Ylvarrik and Wittafridth Sotisdotter. She was raised along side Olfjor and her other brother and sister, Aethelwjulf Ylvarrik and Astrid Ylvarrik. However, unknown to her siblings, she explored the forbidden knowledge of arcane magic. Rather than risk establishing source holdings in the province of Arvaald, where her father, Eorl Haakon Ylvarrik might ultimately discover them, she seduced Olvis Asbjornsson and established source holdings in his family's realm in Hjorvaal. After a year, however, Olvis rejected Isagel. She swore to possess him again.
Olvis fell in love with Isagel's cousin, Snaewitta Gauksdotter, but Isagel bore a deep grudge even against her own kinswoman. At first she simply wanted Olvis back, but eventually her hate turned more against Snaewitta, for it is said among the Rjurik that when a woman causes pain to the heart of another woman, the wound is never forgotten or forgiven. Olvis rejected Isagel's further approaches so Isagel plotted to remove Snaewitta from the picture. It turned out that her cousin Guthrim Gauksson was Eorl of Hollenvik at this time, and being a bastard, regarded Snaewitta as a threat to his power. So Isagel found Guthrim an eager conspirator.
Guthrim gave Isagel a time and place to send men to capture Snaewitta, and Isagel's men were successful in taking possession of the young woman. Isagel considered it dangerous to hold the woman hostage without demanding a ransom, for kidnapping her own cousin would be very difficult to explain to her mother, Wittafridth. So instead, she plotted to kill Snaewitta, and offered Guthrim the chance to steal Snaewitta's bloodline, since Guthrim as a bastard had only inherited that of his father. Guthrim protested that he already labored under a curse of disfigurement because he was a bastard and did not want a greater doom to haunt his footsteps. So Isagel suggested she place a spell on Snaewitta to leave her in a perpetual sleep, unable to keep Olvis from Isagel or challenge Guthrim for his Eorldom. Guthrim further suggested that Isagel might invest herself with Snaewitta's bloodline so that the sleeping Snaewitta could not be detected. Though Isagel already had the bloodline of Hollenvik, through from her mother Snaewitta was also a daughter of Udvika, through her mother, Kostbera Frostisdotter. So Isagel found a corrupt priest willing to perform investiture for gold coin and stole this portion of the bloodline. The spell Isagel used required that she select a trigger to end the spell. Convinced that she would seduce Olvis again and win his affection, her hubris selected Olvis' kiss as the trigger to end the spell.
Olvis searched all of Stjordvik for Snaewitta, eventually discovering her concealed in a forgotten ruin protected by magical and mechanical traps. He knew not what to do to dispell the enchantment that held her in sleep. But having found her, he kissed her, and she awoke. Rescued, Snaewitta married Olvis, and in a year, they bore the son Njall Olvisson into the world. They did not know that Snaewitta's bloodline had been stolen until it became clear that their son Njall was left with a tainted bloodline. To continue his bloodline, Olvis would be required to invest his son with his own bloodline before his son sired children.
Isagel hated the child of their love and scryed on Olvis to prevent such investiture. When Olvis chose to moment to transfer his full bloodline to his son, Isagel interfeared magically with the transfer and kept the son of her hated rival from receiving the full measure of power. Njall knew nothing of Isagel, but received disturbing dreams that a witch had stolen the bloodline of his mother Snaewitta and interfered with the investiture of his father's bloodline.
Njall sought out a seer to explain these dreams to him. Isagel magically disguised herself as an old woman and approached Njall about his visions. She told him lies, but he was suspicious. She planned to put a spell on him, but his reactions were swift and his resistance to Isagel's magic as strong as his father's had been. Njall was not controlled by Isagel's magic and his dagger was swift. He stabbed the witch and fled from her. Though he did not imagine that he killed her, she has never been heard from since. Her own brother, Olfjor, knows nothing of the circumstances of his sister's disappearance or presumed death. It is his hope that she will return safely to Arvaald. Njall, knows only that he killed the witch who bedeviled his dreams, not that she was the sister of Eorl Olfjor.

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