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Arms of LofkirdikArms of Lofkirdik

Lofkirdik bears the brunt of its long border with the Blood Skull Barony. For not only is its border more than half the total border with the Blood Skullers, but the mountains leave a great portion of the province exposed to the goblins and orogs while cutting off the Stjordvikers in the rest of the realm. As such, the people of Lofkirdik are alway on their guard and make sure to be aware of the best refuge at any location. Relief from the rest of the kingdom usually comes through Olfjorby and through the pass at Goblin's Neck. Every inhabitant of the province is a warrior and practices with weapons. Twice a year, in spring and fall, festivals include games and challenges with handsome prizes going to the most skilled.
The jarless, Arnora Hadrimssdotter, knows all of her people by name, though they number nearly two thousand souls. Arnora is autcratic and dictatorial, but the constant war footing of the province seems to make this a necessity.

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