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King VarriKing Varri

Male Rjurik Noble 2/ Ranger 5; CR: 7

King of Stjordvik

Lineage of Royalty

Major Bloodline of Brenna, 17

NG Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 54/14

Init +1

Languages Rjuven

AC 17, touch 14, flatfooted 13

Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +7

Atk +9 Claymore or +6 Shortsword and +1 unarmed strike, or +7 composite longbow;

Damage Claymore 2d4+2, Shortsword d6+2, unarmed strike d3+2, composite longbow d8+2;

Speed 30 ft

Melee Atk + 9 (2d4+2 /x2, Greatsword) or +6 (d6+2 /x2, Shortsword)

Ranged + 7 (d8+2 /x3, Composite Longbow Str 14)

Base Atk + 6 ; Grapple +2

Abilities Str 15, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 18

Feats: Leadership, Rank, Title, Education, Power Attack, Cleave, Track, Favored Enemy (Goblins), wild empathy, Combat style, Noble Action (Leader), Weapon Focus (Claymore), Endurance, Animal companion, Favored Enemy (Orogs)

Skills: Animal Empathy 2, Bluff 9, Climb 2, Diplomacy 5, Gather Information 9, Hide 2, Knowledge (History of Rjurik) 5, Knowledge (Royalty & Nobility) 5, Listen 2, Move Silently 3, Sense Motive 5, Spot 4, Swim 4, Wilderness Lore 6

Special Qualities: Blood History, Detect Illusion

Description: , lbs

Possessions: Masterwork Chain Shirt, masterwork claymore, masterwork shortsword, masterwork mighty [Str 14] composite longbow, ??potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of sneaking, rope of climbing, Ravenscloak (cloak of invisibility)??

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Typical Dialogue:

"How now? Nay, I never heard that! ... are you certain? Why wasn't I told? Well, I guess ... proceed."

"Yes, I'm the king, oh I mean, I am the king. I suppose, if you say."

"Is it time for a hunt? Breakfast? Dinner? Supper? Hark! Helder, want to wear a crown?"

"By Erik , I'd love to meet a sleeping dragon!"

(At the Vernal Equinox Council) "Pray, Helder, where are my Eorls?"


Varri Haraldsson is the King of Stjordvik. He is the son of Ljorrah Snorrisdottor and Harald Hagalsson.

Standing about six feet tall, Varri has wavy brown hair, graying at the edges, betraying his otherwise well-worn forty years. He appears to have a warrior's ready and fearless confidence, but seems out of his element in formal situations and those calling for a decision out of battle. A sincere, proud man, he has no lasting quarrel with anyone, but an insult or challenge brings his shortsword joyfully from its scabbard. In combat against orogs, Varri uses his claymore two-handed, but against men he uses his shortsword and fists (-2/-6) if he is winning, he'll also strike for subdual damage with his sword.
Varri's grandfather, the old king Snorri Snidilsson, pampered Varri's mother, Ljorrah Snorrisdotter. She was an only child and Snorri raised her to be a warrior. His own abilities of statecraft were not considerable and all he passed on to his daughter was skills at wilderness survival, wordsmanship, and fishing. These are the same skills she passed on to Varri. Through her lessons, he became a great hunter and fighter, but he is not reckoned to be a good king.
Varri is known to be a skilled warrior, hunter, and outdoorsman. As such, he frequently takes his housecarls to the Great Oak Wall, and is able to win credit to himself openly by his heroics there. His victories against the Blood Skull Barony earn him credit without creating resistance among the Eorls.
Openly, Varri plays the fool and feigns naiveté, disinterest in the affairs of state, and impatience with the duties of office. His eorls and courtiers believe him to have interest in nothing besides hunting, feasting, entertainments, and diversions. In this way the king can disarm the active resistance of the eorls and leave them to believe that he will not interfere in their domination of the government. However, Varri cunningly shows a false face. He pretends to be like his mother, the "gay widow", who pursued parties and flattery. He knows the history of the Rjurik and is gifted with a history of his bloodline. With an understanding of what has past, he strives to remove from the realm those forces which are at the root of Stjordvik's weakness. As a skilled hunter, fisher, and outdoorsman, his hunting trips prove successful. He travels about the rice (realm) ostensibly hunting, but in fact he observes, gathers information, and cultivates unknowing contacts. Varri knows who occupies the courts of his eorls and how they would be disposed to a stronger policy at the center. Helder and Bern play the roles of royalists. They are known to advocate policies which would strengthen the crown against the eorls. Varri pretends not to understand, care, or take much interest. In fact he supports them and when cornered by the eorls pretends not to know what he has done or why it is a "bad" policy.
Varri is married to Eadyth Djursunsdotter.
Once a character knows the truth about Varri Haraldsson, his sample dialogue will look something more like this:

"I am the weakest of the eorls. When the others demonstrate resolve and determination it raises no fears among the dryhten (nobles). Only I could create so much fear by doing nothing more than appearing to know that my rice needs strong government. And so I must serve my rice with subtlety, deception, and cunning. I must be the Fox and eschew the role of the Lion, all the while appearing to be the Lion who would not rule. So, I win the trust of the people and the respect of the warriors by my battles against the Orogs. When the time comes, however, I will unite my rice with real and true justice. Then the people will know security and prosperity. I will leave my heirs a strong kingdom."

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