Ketil Hymlingsson

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Male Rjurik Noble 2/Fighter 4; CR 6

Shefiff of Arvaald

Exiled Lord of Falkanvik

Lineage of Lower Nobility

Minor Bloodline of Reynir, 7

LN Medium Humanoid



Languages Rjuven






Base Atk , Grp

Abilities Str 15 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 8



Special Qualities


Ketil Hymlingsson is the Sheriff of Arvaald and serves the Eorl with loyalty and vigilence. Where the memory of old Rjuvik titles lives, Ketil will be acknowledged as Dryht af Falkanvik as well. Ketil's father died six years ago and Ketil encouraged his court to become a forum of reform. Ketil, something of a conservative, hoped to patronize a voice of moderate criticism of the regime of Fulgar, but any opening for criticism became a source of advocacy for insurrection and revolution. Fulgar moved swiftly against Ketil and the Lord of Falkanvik had to flee for his life. Ketil fled from Svarkannek into Bjarnheim where the Eorl there reluctantly accepted the refugee. Ketil recognized he was not welcome and looked about for a court which would be happy to embrace him. He was able to make contact with Olfjor Ylvarrik, Eorl of Arvaald, whose mother was a princess of Rjuvik and whose family was deposed. Indeed Eorl Olfjor proved hostile to Fulgar and was not only sympathetic to Ketil's situation, but offered Ketil some office. Ketil arrived in Arvaald and after passing through a few offices, Olfjor made him Sheriff.

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