Olvir Heimirsson

Stjordvik » Olvir Heimirsson
Male Rjurik Noble 4/ Druid 4; CR:8

Godar of Broske

Lineage of Lesser Nobility

Tainted Bloodline of Reynir, 12

LN Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 41/12

Init -1

Languages Rjuven, Druidic

AC 15, touch 11, flatfooted 13

Fort +7, Ref +2; Will +8

Speed 30 ft

Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str 12, Dex 8, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 12

Feats: Natural Affinity, Reach Spell, Scribe Scroll, Zen Archery, Turn Undead

Skills: Concentration 11, Heal 7, Knowledge (Religion) 6, Knowledge (Nature) 8, Profession (Herbalist) 8, Survival 8

Special Qualities: Forest Walk (minor)

Description: 5' 4", 144 lbs

Possessions: five masterwork shortspears, masterwork studded leather armor, masterwork large wooden shield, 2 scrolls of protection from cold, 3 cure light wounds, 2 scrolls of barkskin, Quiver of Ehlonna

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Typical Dialogue:

"Erik has blessed us with fertile soil, plentiful rain, creatures, and plants of every description. It is therefore our duty not to squander this charge, but to be good stewards of creation."
"Live in hope, proud eorl, but mark me as I speak, the kingdom yet languishes resiging in between the prosperity which Erik offers us and destruction at the hands the Blood Skullers. Only by acknowledging a strong king can Stjordvik realize her true fate and destiny as a great and powerful rice. Your province is not immune from hardships gracious eorl, yet in real and true protection from the king would all hardship be mitigated and some prevented. Apply thyself to our intent."
Olvir Heimirsson is the manager of an estate owned by the Oaken Grove of Erik. The extent of the estate is great enough that it is effectively a sixth of the province. Olver and his temple courts are the fourth law holding in Saerskaap. Most seasons, the temple holdings of Broske pay a GB in taxes to King Varri from the income of many farms there. The office of Godar is hereditary, and Olver inherited it from his father, Heimir. In rank and dignity it is approximate to the title of lord. As one of the great landholders of Saerskaap, the godar has rights at the court of the eorl just like any other lord.

Olvir was not the oldest of Heimir's children, but he was the one most plainly called to serve Erik as a priest. Like many lordly priests, his time and attentions are always divided between the needs of his faith and the duties of his secular office. As the lord of a great estate, Olvir requires farming practices which restore the fertility of the soil and prevent the loss of soils from wind or run-off. In the lands of Broske, the demand for greater revenues never permit that the traditional protections of the land be cut short. In the long run, Broske actually earns more than the estates where carefully husbandry is not practiced, but the requirements
of labor are high. The tenants of Broske regard their duties as sacred and not as a form of tax.

Olvir firmly believes in the doctrine known as Holn's Companionship. It
argues that the best way to preserve nature and ensure that the practices which serve the land are enacted is by the means of strong central authority which enforces these doctrines by laws and courts. Indeed, in the traditional societies embraced by the Emerald Spiral, does not the chief oversee the actions of the tribe and punish those who transgress the customs of Erik? In settled life, the "chief" as lord is not able to observe every person's regard for nature, and so customs can become weakened. Hence, they should be reinforced by law. Holn by himself protects property, the security of persons, and ensures an
orderly and content society. Only a companionship of Erik and Holn ensure both people living in orderly cooperation and the protection of nature. The lords are left to apply the laws Holn themselves, the druids, as all priests of Erik are known, either act as prosecutors in the courts of the lords, to try cases of Erik's law, or they hold law courts of their own.

Olvir has no doubt that King Varri has a deep connection with nature and
embodies all of Erik's teachings as a much as a secular lord should be expected. He combats the humanoids vigourously, he opposes the guilds who have abandon the customs and practices which conserve nature, and he supports the druids. Olvir, therefore regards the customs of local independence as designed to enforce different laws for different circumstances, not as a means to avoid obligations to cooperate for the protection of the Rjurik people and the land for those, like Storm Holtson, who care only for gold.

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