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Aethelwjulf Ylvarrik was the late brother of Olfjor Ylvarrik, Eorl of Arvaald. He was the son of Haakon Ylvarrik and Wittafridth Sotisdotter. His wife, Gjaflaug Fjrlaaf, still lives and looks after their sons, Hring Ylvarrik, Ulfhedin Ylvarrik, and their daughter, Velda Ylvarrik.
Aethelwjulf was an adventurer and warrior in his day. As a second son, he was at liberty to seek challenges far from home and was famed in some measure as was his father, Haakon. As his mother was an adventurer of some note too, it was inevitable that Aethelwjulf would seek out dangers and the fame that comes with conquering them. He is best known for adventuring with Leland Edrandson of Talinie. Leland came to Stjordvik following rumors of the old helm called Vaesil's helm of arrow immunity. Aethelwjulf and Leland pursued rumors and sagas of Vaesil, the Anuirean champion from the days of the Empire's dominion in Rjurik lands. Since both of them had bloodmarks of red hair, Aethelwjulf in his beard, Leland on his head, they were known as the two Rufuses.
Aethelwulf and Leland once took a band of four other adventurers on horseback through the Blood Skull Barony into Hogunmark where they sought a sword called Shadowbiter, thought to be a companion of the famed Shadowstrike, wielded by Hogunmark's founder, the great Wjulf. They didn't find Shadowbiter, but Leland did find his braclet of warmth on that adventure. On their return back through the Blood Skull Barony, the six adventurers crested a hill to see a company of Rjurik horse under heavy assault by orog heavy infantry from all sides. Bern's Light Horse Guards of Stjordvik had been ambushed pursuing a band of raiders. Leland and his fellows charged at a full gallop and fell upon the orogs with a brutal vigor. The Guards were in difficult straits, though none were killed and only a few seriously injured. The mass of the orogs was pushing them together where they could not manuever. When Leland's group attacked, they ripped open a hole in the orog encirclement. The adventurers waded into the combat and slew a great number of the Blood Skullers, greatly easing the burden on the Guards. For though the Guard had many a veteran soldier, they were a far cry from veteran adventurers like Leland.
The Ylvarrik family had a long and friendly relationship with Rjuvik before the coming of Fulgar the Bloodhanded. When Fulgar stole the throne, the house of Ylvarrik was active in supporting traditional Rjurik Eorls and granting them protection if they fled Rjuvik. On a secret mission in Rjuvik, Aethelwjulf was tricked into ambush by Gunnar the knife and slain.
Aethelwjulf's best friend and adventuring companion, Leland, continues to honor their friendship and is bringing up his elder son, Hring, as a warrior.

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