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Oaken Grove (State Religion)

masterwork craft goods
wheat, flax, barley, leather, saltpork, embroidered goods
GB Income
RP Income

40 huskarls, 40 archers

Arvaald is an enclave province completely surrounded by other provinces. This affords some margin of warning and protection, and as a result, the jarl, Olfjor Ylvarrik, regards his body of huskarls as a rapid response force, marching to any threatened province in Stjordvik. Olfjor has great contempt towards both the Rjuvik bandits and the Blood Skull Barony as well as a heart for battle.

Though he has no love for the king, the jarl does greatly love the kingdom and hate its enemies.

Arvaald is a land of gently rolling hills peopled by quiet farmers working terraced fields. Minor streams produce a few fish. Beyond all other Rjurik, Arvaald is noted for its excellent embroidery. A great spring festival (Rjurik version of Talienire) sees the women of Arvaald gather to show their winter labors in cloth. Two noble women, always including the jarl's wife or daughter, the past two years' winners of the judging, and a priestess of Lara judge the best works and honor them with ceremony.

Olfjor is a popular jarl, and no one commands the love of the people in Arvaald as he does. He is very much the image of a jarl which the people desire, and his frequent festivals are especially anticipated. Any other person seeking influence in Arvaald must first seek the favor of Jarl Olfjor.

Storm Holtson's Stjordvik Traders controls the trade in Arvaald. Styr Porsgrunn runs the day to day operations of Holtson's operation in Stjordvik. Styr is also the Lord of Porsgrunn in Arvaald. Styr's long house is a popular gathering place when Styr is back from Hollingholmen where he spends most of his time.

Gregers Kasparsson is the Lord of Trondvik.

The Oaken Grove of Erik is the only sect with any influence in Arvaald. Hildigunn Ceolredsdotter is the Druid of Arvaald, and answers to Herkja Hollenviker, the Archdruid of Stjordvik. Günther Brandt, the Archdruid of the Oaken Grove, lives in nearby Dhoesone.

Arvaald consists of the village of Olfjorby, three manors owned by Jarl Olfjor, two manors owned by Lord Styr, and two manors owned by Lord Gregers.

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