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A Skald is a Rjurik bard. The word of a skald is considered as ultimate truth among the Rjurik. They are keepers of oral knowledge that is passed from generation to generation and also act a messengers, entertainers, match-makers, and much more.
It is forbidden to strike a Skald in more traditional Rjurik realms, to do is considered an act of cowardice (as many bards have little martial skill) and even treachery (as it undermines the culture of the Rjurik to strike at those who convey that culture from one generation to the next). Many kings would also take severe action against those who would harm their emissaries and tale-gatherers.
Rjurik tradition is that Skalds, like druids, advise rulers, but do not rule themselves. The typical skald spends a decade or two traveling the highlands, and then either settles down as an adviser, or takes holy vows as a druid.
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