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Adventures are games set in the Birthright universe, or simply using the BR rules in another setting. This heading also covers encounters, unofficial expansions to the published adventures, random events, and any other event that might be role-played and is assisted by preparation.
You will find Birthright adventures listed below, in the Adventure category and in the Downloads section of this site.

When adding new adventures to the [[BRwiki]], please add an observation banner for adventures, or elements thereof, that actively contradict existing BR lore or use a very different perspective to the norm. To do this add the following text: {{Observation}}

Other articles should be marked as Fan fiction if they make major changes to the existing setting, people, etc but are otherwise non-contentious: {{Fanfic}}

The aim of posting an adventure in [[BRwiki]] should be to give other DM's ideas, encounters, scenarios or full blown adventures that they can try out on their own players, show an event in progress, or simply amuse and entertain readers. As such please start with a short synopsis of what you are doing and why, and please take the time to state any assumptions underlying the adventure (i.e. active war between Avanil and Boeruine, outright rebellion in Osoerde) which may be different in some campaigns.

Please also start with a breadcrumb back to this page for ease of navigation, and put a purple band at the top of the article to show that it is an adventure (campaigns are also purple, the two often go together so why not?) and add AD&D, , [[BRCS]], etc to the banner to denote the rules set used in the adventure.
The category for all adventures posted should be 'Adventure', please see an existing page for a template, you can copy and paste to and from word when editing a [[wiki]] page and it is often easier to convert a copy of someone else?s page and swap the bulk text with yours than work from scratch.

Note, when adding your adventure with an AlsoSee below, make sure you call your campaign User:Yourname/Adventure name. Names connected to the setting could already have a BRwiki entry so making it link to your user ID indicates your authorship of this version. As user pages should not generally be modified by others, it may be a good idea to add a note regarding how you feel about people editing your adventure.

If you like an adventure, but the author has indicated that they don't want it edited, simply create your own page and an AlsoSee at the bottom of their adventure linking to your page. Again, please start by saying what you are doing and why, i.e. "conversion from Anuirean setting to Brecht".

[top]Adventure expansions

Adventure expansions take one of the published adventures and expands it, converts it to [[BRCS]] / other D&D 3ed, etc. There is a separate page for these which is intended mainly for small expansions to the existing adventure for those who have a copy, for those fancying something more ambitious the links below show full adventures:

[top]New Adventures

[top]Encounters and Shorts

Encounters and shorts are typically 1-2 scene adventures designed to fill a session between main adventures, deal with player absence, etc.

[top]Random events and adventure seeds

Random events are mini adventures relating to the domain random events table, or more detailed descriptions of random event possibilities. Adventure seeds are simply ideas for adventure hooks which would have to be expanded for use in a game.

[top]Campaign seeds:

Campaign seeds are details of campaign story arcs, ideas for campaigns, etc, make of them what you will.

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