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Eorl of Arvaald, Haakon Ylvarrik was also the husband of Wittafridth Sotisdotter. His children include the current Eorl, Olfjor Ylvarrik, Aethelwjulf Ylvarrik, Astrid Ylvarrik, and Isagel Ylvarrik.
While he was still a young man, Haakon adventured with Njalgrim Frostisson, Gauk Sotisson, and his sister, Wittafridth Sotisdotter. Together they discovered the Ravenscloak for their patron and sometime companion, Snorri Snidilsson, prince and later king, of Stjordvik. As a result of their adventures, Haakon married Gauk's sister, Wittafridth, and Gauk married Njalgrim's sister, Kostbera Frostisdotter. It was during his adventures that Haakon discovered his gauntlents of ogre power.
As time passed, Snorri became King, and Njalgrim, Haakon, and Gauk become eorls of the realm. They pursed few quests in these days, but fought many wars against all of their neighbors. This was a great age of Stjordvik. However the wars exhausted the treasury of the realm, and Snorri, though a mighty soldier, was no statesman and his wars made for him many enemies. Yet, as long as Haakon was able to bring his marvelous axemen, Njalgrim his invincible spearmen, and Gauk his famed archers, victory was always at the end of the campaign.
Haakon possessed a thick red beard and long golden braids, this combination being the mark of Masela in the line of Ylvarrik. Skalds say he was exiting, loud, and boisterous, and his appearance among his people, before his troops, or in his longhouse created a palpable enthusiasm. He was a great warrior and thought only second to his companion, Njalgrim, as a skilled fighter. As Eorl, he fought the Blood Skullers many times and his body of huskarls and axemen were the terrible hammer that crushed the goblins and orogs against the anvil of Njalgrim's spearmen.
Eorl Haakon had been friends with King Snorri Snidilsson, fought beside him and for Stjordvik, but the succession of Queen Ljorrah Snorrisdotter changed his relationship with the crown. The critical break occured when Fulgar the Bloodhanded brought about civil war in Rjuvik and Ljorrah refused to aid the true king pleading an empty treasury. Haakaon regarded it as an unforgivable breech of honor to abandon Rjuvik to one such as Fulgar for reasons such as poverty.
Haakon raised his sons in his own image. As soon as the young men came of age at 13 years, they were taught to hunt and fight. Olfjor soon developed a reputation as the best warrior in the country, which he still is. Haakon's traditions, not only skill at arms, but also the sponsorship of many festivals and the policy of fierce independence.

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