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framed|Arms of Guthrim

Male Rjurik Noble 8; CR: 8

Eorl of Hollenvik

Lineage of lesser nobility

Major Bloodline of Reynir, 25

NE Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 66/14

Init +3

Languages Rjuven

AC 14, touch 9, flatfooted 14

Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +6

Speed 30 ft

Melee Atk +10/5 (d6+3 /x2 mastwework shortsword)

Ranged +5 (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk +6/+1; Grapple +5/+0

Abilities Str 16, Dex 9, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 14

Feats: Leadership, Wealth, Rank, Title, Education, Improved Initiative, Noble Action (Rebel), Persuasive, Power Attack, Information Network, Noble Action (Opportunist), Weapon Focus (Shortsword), Direction

Skills: Appraise 5, Bluff 13, Gather Information 9, Intimidate 13, Knowledge (Nobility) 11, Listen 3, Perform (Etiquette) 3, Sense Motive 11, Swim 2

Special Qualities: Animal Affinity (major)

Description: , lbs

Possessions: Masterwork shortsword, masterword breastplate, ring of feather fall, potion of cure light wounds

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framed|Guthrim Gauksson

Typical Dialogue:

"Speak you of the king? A dull and muddy mettled rascal. As long as he stayeth in Hollingholmen, his harm is little. Let him remain then, for we have no use for him here. I shall do what I must and send what taxes I must, but you shall see that I will build my own realm and fight my own battles."

"Beware! Hjamlar's spies are about. Make way swiftly to Yvarre and give this message to our friend, Fulgar the Bold. If you are captured, drink this vile of poison. It works swiftly and without pain. If you fail, I will make sure you feel much pain."

"Olfjor, old friend, let us assemble our friends and take our reading of their views. I think old Varri will suffer many blows this even as we recall injuries he and his tyranical lieutenants have inflicted upon this realm."


Guthrim Gauksson was the product of an adulterous relationship between Eorl Gauk Sotisson and a thrall escaped from Rjuvik with lovely auburn hair. One of the gods took offence at the woman's escape from servitude or upon the adultery committed, for Guthrim was born with his terrible deformity. While his body is not rendered the least bit incapable by its malformation, he his disturbing to look upon. Guthrim was kept out of site during his childhood. Gauk's wife, Kostbera Frostisdotter, despised the child especially, both for his deformity as well as the circumstances of his conception. The elder of her beautiful sons would one day be eorl, and there was, in her opinion, no place for this freak.

Guthrim showed an early flair for account books, mostly due to his ability to correctly estimate the future value of things. He proved a great value to his father in his ability to make good assessments of when the best time to sell timber, swine, or buckwheat. His father gave him a dank chamber above the storerooms. When Eorl Gauk's steward died, the eorl never replaced him, and just transfered his responsibilities to his bastard son. Guthrim is largely responsible for his father's development of guild holdings, and eventually sole control of the guild authority in the province of Hollenvik.

While eorl Gauk still lived, his older son, Arik Gauksson was killed in battle against raiders from Rjuvik. A noble death, and one which ultimately drove off the raiders, for though Arik died the housecarls under his command succeeded in driving off the raiders, and some of them learned on that day that they were doomed by battle rage. Kostbera was hit hard by the the death of her older son, and died during the following cold winter of a fever which the healers could not cure. Gauk, himself now an older man, was defeated by the double blow and lived no more than two years after the death of his wife. Suddenly Guthrim's half-brother Harald Gauksson was poised to take the throne, and he shared his mother's contempt for the misshapen Guthrim. The young Guthrim could forsee being cast out by Harald and decided to make the first move. He informed his half-brother that he would strike out on his own, and leave Harald to carry the mantle of their father's inheritance undisturbed.

It was a lie, but one carried out with great skill, and Harald believed the words, perhaps secretly hoping just to be rid of Guthrim. Harald offered his half-brother a chest of silver treasure and a wagon to transport him to his destiny, both of which Guthrim accepted. Twenty-one days later, Guthrim entered the fortress in secret through a concealed pit built for escape in the event the fort were ever taken in war. He waited for his brother for two months as he toured the province. When Harald returned, Guthrim did slip into the new eorl's longhouse before dawn. While Harald slept, Guthrim stabbed him in the heart and took from him his birthright. The following morning Guthrim returned to the fortress and announced that his half-brother had appeared to him in a dream and appealed for his help, but he would not declare what assistance was required. When the members of the eorl's court told Guthrim that Harald was found dead, the murderer feigned surprise and despair as would an innocent man and fooled everyone. He has since been eorl of Hollinvik.

Guthrim's half-sister, Snaewitta Gauksdotter, remained a possible threat. Though she lacked skill at arms, she had a champion in Olvis Asbjornsson. Olvis' previous lover, and Guthrim's cousin, Isagel Ylvarrik conspired with Guthrim to remove her as a danger. They arranged for some of Isagel's men to kidnap Snaewitta and bring her to Isagel. Isagel was an arcane spellscaster of forbidden lore among the Rjurik people, and she cast a spell on Snaewitta to make her sleep. The spell required a trigger to remove the spell, and Isagel, convinced she could once more seduce Olvis, selected a kiss from Olvis as the trigger. Olvis was determined to find and rescue Snaewitta from her kidnappers, and was not swayed. Guthrim was concerned that if rescued, his half-sister might see him deposed, either through her champion, Olvis, or a son. Isagel proposed bloodtheft, and even offered Guthrim the opportunity to strike the death blow. Unknown to Isagel, Guthrim had already bloodthefted his brother and could not gain from Snaewitta's bloodline. Additionally, aware that his own deformity was attributed to a curse, Guthrim was wary of risking blood guilt by killing Snaewitta. He proposed that Isagel simply invest herself with Snaewitta's bloodline and leave the woman otherwise unharmed. Isagel found a cooperative priest to perform the ceremony and stole her birthright. Eventually, Olvis did find Snaewitta, and it was only after the birth of their son, Njall Olvisson that it was realized that Snaewitta had been divested of her bloodline. Guthrim's rule was seccure. His only possible usurper, based on bloodline, could come from his cousins, the descendants of his aunt, Wittafridth Sotisson, Isagel, Aethelwjulf, Astrid and Olfjor Ylvarrik.

Guthrim took control of all of his father's holdings and ruled without notice from Queen Ljorrah, who wanted nothing to do with "that horrible little man". Not content collecting regency from his law and guild holdings, Guthrim wants the regency of the land itself and schemes to make himself sovereign.

Always aware of dangers, Guthrim used his relations with Isagel and Olfjor Ylvarrik to forge good relations, and Olfjor has become his most reliable ally. However while Olfjor was unwilling to bow to Ljorrah or her son Varri Haraldsson, he does love the realm of Stjordvik, and fights its enemies as eagerly has his father Haakon Ylvarrik did alongside Snorri Snidilsson. Guthrim however, is a hateful man who casts scorn on the world. He hates the king, he hates the festivals of the Rjurik, and cares only for himself.

He was close to Huljim Namvik, another enemy of the crown, but where Olfjor is popular and Guthrim is cunning, Huljim was simply cruel. He was deposed a few years ago and Guthrim has since been concerned that sedition and rebellion could spread from neighboring Namverg. He especially fears the other great family from his home province of Hollenvik, Herkja Hollenviker, the Archdruid of Stjordvik and her brother Bjorn Hollenviker, who intervened after the death of Eorl Huljim to secure peace in Namverg after revolution and defend the new geardholder, the miserable Brand Fyrisson.

Guthrim is convinced that only by breaking away from Stjordvik can he preserve his rule in Hollenvik. This is his paramount secret, for his ally, Olfjor would surely disapprove. What is more, Guthrim conspires with Fulgar of Rjuvik to achieve these ends. What ever else is true of Olfjor, he hates Fulgar, and conspiracy with the Bloodhanded bandit king of Rjuvik would through Guthrim's position into crisis.

Guthrim has no heir.

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