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Hollenvik is a province famed for its rustic arts, especially wood carving and embroidered cloth. As the only wooded province in Stjordvik, it is also famed for its particular breed of oak, the taelish aik, which is better adapted to the climate than Anuirean oaks. Fishing is also vital to the province, for excellent harvest are found off its coasts and reefs. Though great fleets sail from Hollingholmen and Yvarre, the local fishermen take a mighty share of the catch.
Since Stjorndahl first lead the Rjuven into Stjordvik, the Hollenskog has held a semi-mystical place in the minds of Stjordvikers.
Guthrim Gauksson is jarl here, and though the people have no love for him, they are content. Guthrim controls both the law and the guilds, and his management of the winter stores, the fishing fleet, and the forestry of the province keep everyone's belly full. His control of the sheriffs and the wardens lends the discipline which guarantees the security of Eorl Guthrim.
Axel Ovtrup is the Lord of Halmstad. ┼gota Hj÷rdÝssdotter is the Lady of Shoreland.
Hˇlmgeirr Hˇlmgeirrsson serves the Oaken Grove as the druid of Hollenvik. Susanne Kjetilsdotter serves the Oaken Grove as the chief priestess of Narikja and serves the fishermen and sailors of Hollenvik. Susanne looks to Hˇlmgeirr as her political leader and religious authority, and to the Coastal Temple of Nesirie for doctrinal and theological leadership.

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