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Church of Belinik Tsarevic
House Brokeslav

Male Vos Priest of Belinik 5 / Noble 1; CR 5
War Master of the Belinik Tsarevic
Noble house of Brokeslav
Major Bloodline of Basaïa, 23
LE Medium Humanoid

HP: 5d8+5 (40)
Init +1
Languages Vos, High Brecht

AC 17, touch 11, flatfooted 16
Fort +5 , Ref +2 , Will + 9

Speed 30 ft
Melee Atk +5 (+7, 1d8+3/19-20 x2, Heavy Flail +2)
Ranged +4
Base Atk +3; Grapple +3

Abilities Str 11 , Dex 12 , Con 13, Int 12 , Wis 16, Cha 14
Feats: Armor proficiency (all), Combat Casting, Maximize Spell, Shield Proficiency, Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Martial)
Skills: Concentration +8, Diplomacy +5, Knowledge (History +3, Knowledge (religion) +5, Spellcraft +7, Survival +5
Special Qualities: Turn undead, Divine Spellcasting, Bloodmark (minor, bright red eyes), Favored Region (Overlook)
Priest domains: Strength, War
Description: 184 cm, weights 85kg

Typical Possessions:
  • Full plate mail (worn without helmet);
  • Holy symbol of Belinik;
  • Pouch with spare change;
  • Nikoli travels with at least 3 1st to 2nd level cleric spell parchments ready;
  • +2 Heavy Flail

Traits: Stoic, Cynic, Warmonger

Typical Dialogue:
  • *If you fear hurting ants, you will never be able to walk.*
  • *Life has made you cattle, wartos; By Belinik's will, You will decide if you are a cow, or a bull.*
  • *Hate is the true nature of man. Know that there are so few emotions tied to "love", such as joy and surprise, and so many emotions tied to hate, such as sadness, fear, rage, disgust. It is no coincidence, for hate and violence are much more intrinsic to mankind.*
  • *This is what you waited for, your whole life. This is what you trained for. Look at your enemy, look for the fear in their eyes: there you will find your reward, your glory, your freedom. Attack!*
  • *There is place for everyone in battle: Our lord will judge not your weapons, but your willing to hurt the other, even if it is by submitting your body to a blood ritual and helping a warrior kill.*


Character Name

Born in the plains of Steppegrad, Nikoli was the eldest son of zhupan Misha Brokeslav along with three brothers and two sisters. Just like them, he sported the bloodmark of house Brokeslav, eyes red as blood, considered a sign of benevolence from Belinik. Nikoli grew up to be a noble, and was Marisha Rodelovisk's bodyguard when the daughter of Rodel spent some time here learning to ride Varsks. The two, apparently, became lovers, and Misha wanted to seal a marriage with Rodel; However, the interest between the two young vos warriors was overestimated: Marisha had no intention of getting married and Nikoli was already in a relationship with his cousin, Galina Brokeslav.
Misha ordered Galina to be killed, thinking this could save the marriage with the most powerful house of Rzhlev, but then one dawn Nikoli woke up and found an axe stuck on his bed. A man faithful to Belinik himself, he saw an omen from the God himself and went to see Galina, a guest in Brokslav manor in those days; The young woman had killed a couple assassins sent to kill her when Nikoli arrived. She too had found an axe stuck on her bed. The two pondered if this was a sign from Ayairda, as the Lord of Terror does not usually protect lovers, but then a gust of wind coming from nowhere killed all the flames (a symbol dear to Ayairda) from the candles and the torches in the room and they lost any doubt.

The next day Galina poisoned Misha's meal with Midnight tears, a delayed poison, and Nikoli requested a blood challenge in Galina's honour. At midnight, during the duel, the poison took its toll and Misha was killed - he died just before Nikoli could stake his dagger into the patriarch's heart. A sign from Belinik no doubt - poison is the weapon of the weak, so blood would be undeserved.

Nikoli became Zhupan by right, and he took the dark vows and become a war priest, enforcing the cult of the Belinik Tsarevic in his province. When Marisha become Tsar, what they had was not forgotten apparently, or maybe the tsarina recognized in their past an useful weapon: he became one of her lieutenants first, and was later the first War Master appointed by the Tsarina instead of taking it with blood. To avoid losing face, Nikoli threw a blood challenge to any War priest willing to accept: all war priest accepted, then 3 were killed by their Executioners, 2 were poisoned on their journey to the City of Rzhlev to take the challenge, the others were killed during the duel. Nikoli became the undisputed War Master of a whole new generation of the Tsarevic.

Now a middle aged man, he is renown for the ferocity of his blessing, who turns the vos horde into a blood frenzy, and the malice of his speech: he embodies the principle of the Tsarevic, where violence becomes the hope of a better social position and a better life. For this, he has often openly despised the Grovnikken Stohlevvskyy and its capitalistic approach to slavery. What remains of his love affair with the tsarina or his cousin, is unknown.

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