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Gregor Molev was a noble who lived back in the fifth century (425 MR - 498 MR) in the Vos kingdom of Rzhlev. Gregor was the head of the Molev family who descended directly from Viktor the tyrant's brother Molev.

Gregor was born in 425 MR, a son of a noble of House Molev and an adventurer. He joined the Vos horde in more than 20 raids, while facing the Berhagen and Grevesmühlig armies in at least five different occasions to defend the Vos realm. He knew well Rzhlev politics, and was more a torva Vos at heart. Despite being a firm believer in Belinik's teachings, he disvowed the Belinik Tsarevic towards a "personal relationship with bloodshed" in 470 MR, when the church ashamed him with his bloodline.

It is said that Gregor had only one son because he always knew he had to forge a new line, however many say that Gregor had many sons with Brechts that were never acknowledged as his sons.

[top]Founding of a new dinasty

Around 450 MR Rzhlev suffered from famine who lead to a plague between the Brecht population. The current tsar Mikail Pyotrovisk decided to grant a suspension of debts for 5 years, effectively reducing the wartos population available for forced labor. This move was heavily despised by the Vos nobility, as they saw the plague as a sign from Belinik who wanted to cull the weak Brechts as to preserve Vos supremacy in the realm.

Gregor decided to rally the houses against the tsar. He asked the Belinik Tsarevic for the permission to shed Vos blood and claim the throne in duel. The dark priests objected for two reasons: first, Gregor was the son of a Molev and a minor Lazz noble from Lazzgrad, his bloodline was tainted and was considered unfit for a ruler, and second, the Right of Might would have requested Gregor to duel any successor and low member before dueling the tsar itself (about 40 people).

A true Vos at heart, Gregor cared not for the church's response and promised each House shares of the royal treasure and the opportunity to take the land of anyone not siding with him. All except the Gorth and Jersk agreed. This gave Gregor the opportunity to threat a civil war if a direct duel was not granted. Pyotr, far younger than Gregor, accepted.

Gregor died in 498 MR of apparent natural death at the age of 73. His body was burned in the Duża in public ceremony.

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