Kurth Rosl÷w-Ulfer

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Kurth Rosl÷w-Ulfer was a former ruler of the Brecht realm previously known as Roschl÷wen, along with her sister Katherine Rosl÷w-Ulfer.

Kurth and her sister became rulers in 1120 HC, with the idea of restoring the realm to its former glory, after the not-so-enlightened rule of their father Karl Rosl÷w-Ulfer and their uncle Bram Rosl÷w-Ulfer. Inspired by the tales of Richard Rosl÷w, Kurth become a Knecht, and like many of its peers saw in the Free League of BrechtŘr the best way to gain gold and glory. He convinced her sister to finance a massive army (almost 6000 men) to participate in the eastern campaign, conquering the lands adjacent to the realm.

In 1140 HC he was present at the Battle of Lake Ladan, arguing with the other grafs and barons how to share the lands. When the Vos attacked the tent, he fought until he was badly injured - and then his divine blood boiled so much he found himself in a berserker rage which helped him survive the first attack. He ran to his side of the camp to protect Katherine, who was pregnant at the time, and managed to help her flee. When he saw that chaos was reigning over the camp and that no one was able to rally the troops, he and the cavalry under his command regrouped and performed a desperate flanking maneuver in an attempt to slow the Vos down enough to allow the tattered remnants of the Brecht League to make good on their escape.

He and his cavalrymen perished in the short battle that ensued but Kurth's bravery prevented the Vos from annihilating what was left of the Brecht armies.

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