Viktor the tyrant

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Viktor, also known as Viktor the Tyrant was the first Vos ruler of the realm of Roschl÷wen and a general of the Vos horde lead by Tsarevic Basil Zariyatam.

Little is known about Viktor's childhood: it is rumored he came from a line of warrior tribes from the Ice March. Along with his brother Molev he led a tribe down south to Rovnograd, and enlisted any barbarian or warrior he found along the way. After a brief exchange with Basil Zariyatam, he bent his knee, and his expertise with varsks won him control of the kaerevesk. During the Battle of Lake Ladan he led the pursuit of the fleeing Brecht towards the Mistmoor, in what became a counter-invasion of the Brecht lands when the Vos started crossing the Berhagen River while spreading west towards the Black Ice Bay.

When his army entirely invaded Roschl÷wen, Viktor realized they were emprisoned in their own prey's realm: the Mistmoor prevented them from returning back, Berhagen and GrevesmŘhl had recomposed their lines and both the Dwarfhame and the Berhagen river became theaters of many defeats. Part of the army tried their fortune heading back to the south, crossing Kal Kalathor; Viktor decided to usurp the Rosl÷w-Ulfer's right and became the new ruler, assuming Tyrant as his title. He signed a peace treaty with Roschl÷wen's neighbours, divided all the provinces to his generals but kept the sourthern woods for his brother and himself.

His reign was an age of deep turmoil and bloodshed, as the Vos culture was nearly incompatible in both values and traditions with the Brechts. Viktor sought to destroy the Brecht culture, as it appeared blasphemously weak to his eyes, along with anybody defending it. In ten years, he had moved troops to each province at least 3 times to quench rebellions, always in blood. His name was deeply feared and cursed by all Brechts. Some said he even became an awnshegh.

Maybe one of the curses reached the right ears: Viktor died after 20 years of rule, by accidentally casting his eyes upon a scroll he was trying to burn, that was filled with explosive runes. It was a last gift from the scholars of a dying realm.

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