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The Black Ice Bay is the part of the Krakennauricht that touches the Eastern Basin States and the southern Overlook. It is a cool body of water which is much more shallow than the oceans surround Cerilia. The rocky shores and narrow fjords of the Krakennauricht see many ships plying these waters for sealing, whaling, fishing, and trading on these chilly, northern waters.
The ice-covered area during such a typical winter includes the fjords, sheltered bays, and shallow lagoons of Grevesmühl and Zweilunds during Keltier. The ice begins to extend across the shallow, brackish water of the Black Ice Bay through the month of Sarimiere. The first stirrings of spring start to break up the ice by the end of Talienire, and this short duration of freezing leaves the ice clear and clean. This is called black ice since it has not had time to collect impurities (sediments, algae, air bubbles) which give sea ice a opacity and color that makes it more identifiable, leaving dangerous floes of nearly invisible ice floating on the surface of the water. By Roelir, the Krakennauricht is mostly cleared of ice.
The best fishing in most of the Krakennauricht is found at the Mueller Estuary. While all of the rivers provide good fishing in the Black Ice Bay, the Mueller Estuary is larger and richer.
Throughout the bay, fisheries located at the mouths of the rivers and along the coastal villages depend upon the yearly salmon runs. They try to catch the fish as their journey begins; the fish become gaunt and tough once they begin spawning, having used up all their energy and body mass in their arduous journey upstream. After the salmon season, the fisheries net catches from the Black Ice Bay, pulling enough of a yield annually to feed all of Müden, and possibly most of the Eastern Basin States, though most of the fish is traded inland to realms without access to the rivers or the bay.
Pirates have long been a problem on the Black Ice Bay, but of late, Melisande Reaversbane, the Captain of the Royal Navy of Müden, has brought secure seas and safe shipping to the bay.

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