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Alisse Ulfer was a Brecht warrior who lived between 954 HC and 1000 HC in the Overlook region of Brechtür She is known for defeating her uncle Harold Ulfer and the founder of the realm of Roschlöwen alongside her husband Richard Roslöw.

[top]Early years

Alisse was born in Ulfsted around 954 HC, from the Ulfer main family branch. Although very skilled at her studies, she was always more drawn by the world of swords and capes and was often caught in fights. Alisse grew up learning both the arcane ways and the way of the sword. She refused to became a lady and became an adventurer instead, adventuring north with her party to fight the injustices her own uncle had brought onto the realm.

In 978 HC she returned home, as the Schaeffen family had rallied most of the Grafs against the Anuirean Count of Berhagen. The Ulfer family joined the rebellion and Alisse took control of the Ulfer's army. That period greatly improved Alisse's knowledge of warfare, and the rebellion was successful in the end.

[top]The conquest of Ulfer

Seeing that Ulfer's first lieutenant Riegon Oevere was requesting help from all the Overlook, Alisse decided that the time had come. In 982 HC, She first went with a small group in Wölfwech and negotiated a truce with the elves. Then, she moved the units both towards Wodesbörg from both the south and east, laying siege on the fortification. Scout units were left behind to spy and counteract the enemy's moves.

Luckily, the Company of the Black Spear, led by mercenary Richard Roslöw, had already begun fighting for the north, so Harold Ulfer could not redirect his full forces towards both fronts. in 987 HC Alisse had conquered the great plains and the rest of the woods, but had to trace a line, as Harold put a Warding domain spell on his capital, Mount Edarr.

In 989 HC, Alisse and her group of adventurers found a way to break the ward and enter the giant dungeon castle, down to its core where Ulfer was searching for the ancient chamber of alchemy. It is said that the ghost of King Edarr himself helped Alisse fight her uncle with magic and steel. Although all her friends were killed, she prevailed in the end, and stabbed him through the heart. This dissipated the Warding spell, and upon her return, she was claimed as Queen of Ulfer.

in 990 HC both Alisse's army and the Black Spear Company came to a decisive battle around Mount Edarr. What happens next is something between legend and history. It seems that Sera herself, tired of the turmoil that tormented Brechtür, saw no gain in having two of her own people fight each other. So she asked Laerme to ignite passion in the two leaders, and when they saw each other in the middle of the battlefield, during the diplomatic exchange before the battle, they immediately and hopelessly fell in love with each other. More disillusioned scholars say that they just decided that was a better course of action rather than more years of war, but there are a lot of hints that what happened could have been a miracle for real.

[top]Years of rule and death

As predicted by the state religion Singful flame of Laerme, Richard and Alisse had a couple of twins in 992 HC. This inspired them to write the the brörzákon law. After the realm was unified, they left most of the business to Riegon Oevere and the lawkeeping to the Company of the Black Spear, who become the kingdom's army, and lived their life in love and mostly privacy. It is said that they even had some more adventures at the requests of the dwarves in the north, but no tale has survived.

Richard and Alisse died together the 14th day of Faniele in 1001 HC. Their exact cause of death is not know, as the priests ruled out poison or spells. They died in their sleep, hugged to each other, with a serene expression on their face. They were buried together in the same pose in a chapel now lost in the city of Rzhlev.

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