framed|The roundship "Nowelton"

Roundships clinker-built method are ships that fit in the era of dark ages technology, and are widely used by cultures at that level of technology. flat bottomed hulls and dual steering oars rather than a single rudder.

Roundships are generally built of oak, which is an abundant timber throughout most of Cerilia. This vessel is fitted with a single mast and is generally found with a square rigged single sail in northern waters, and a single lanteen on the Suidemiere and Baïr el-Mehare. This vessel is a capable sea-going vessel in clear weather.

Cog: Colossal vehicle; Seaworthiness +2; Shiphandling -2; Speed wind x 20 ft (poor); Overall AC -3; Hull Sections 12 (sink 3 sections); section 80 hp (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Rigging Sections 1; Rigging hp 60 (hardness 0); AC 1; Ram 3d6; Mounts 2 light; Space 40 ft x 20 ft; Height 10 ft (draft 10 ft); Compliment 20; Watch 4; cargo 30 tons (Speed wind x 10 ft 15 tons or more) cost 5,000 gp.

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