Rodel Gregorovisk

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Rodel I, also known as Rodel Gregorovisk or simply Rodel, was the tsar of the Vos kingdom of Rzhlev from 471 MR to 521 MR. He is considered along his father Gregor Molev to be the founder of the Rodelovisk dynasty.

Rodel was born in 450 MR from Gregor Molev and Katrina Nauren, from Grabentod. Katrina, being an adventurer at heart, left the family when Rodel was only 5 to pursue her wanderlust. Rodel grew up with his father, who brought him along in his many raids.

In 470 MR, when Rodel was 20 years old, Gregor challenged and killed Tsar Mikail Pyotrovisk in a blood duel, but decided to invest Rodel as the new tsar, as Gregor's bloodline was tainted. This decision turned many nobles against the house but Gregor challenged any opposer and had some major houses eliminated in favor of his supporters. Rodel renounced the Molev family's name, and became the first one of his new dynasty, the first of a new age for Rzhlev. This is why he is called Rodel and not Rodel Molev.

Despite coming from a torva Vos culture, Rodel was a cunning politician and reformer. When Grovnikk Glössevik was introduced to him, the tsar immediately saw the potential of dwarves' organized work using forced labor and helped forming the Grovnikken Stohlevvskyy, and appointed the dreaded Feyulf as zhupan of Feyulfsky which historically was a province under control of the Molev family. He also rebuilt most of the rounds of the City of Rzhlev including Rzhlevport and renewed alliances with Grabentod and the Zweilunds.

Rodel married Risa Lazz and had 3 sons and three daughters, all of them were trained in the arts of war, as the tradition required. His sons died in 520 MR during raids against Berhagen, while his daughter Nika Rodelovisk disappeared two weeks before his death, in 521 MR, at the age of 71, due to an heart attack. Just like his father, his body was burned in the Duża in public ceremony. A great statue of Rodel now covers the entrance to the Great Hall where the tsarina's court takes place.

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