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The Dwarfhame (sometimes called the 'Hame) is a gulf of the Black Ice Bay in the Overlook region of Brechtür. It's deep but calm waters mark the border between Rzhlev and Grevesmühl.

The gulf takes its name from the explorers of the third wave of Brecht colonization. The name's meaning in High Brecht is "House of the dwarves", originating from the first encounter between the Brecht and the ancient dwarven population that used to live in the mountains.

The gulf stretches for miles until it splits into two smaller gulf to the north and south. While the northern coast is generally has a lower altitude, with several beaches that require boats for the ships to land, the Rzhlevian side has fjords and small gaps that allow more proximity travel and often provides good hiding spots for smugglers.

[top]Traffic in the Dwarfhame

Nowadays, the gulf is used by many ships, mostly for pirate activity: many smugglers and pirates from the Zweilunds or Grabentod do their dirty business with Rzhlev here, dumping stolen goods in Duarlavka or Evuarr and often returning with escaping slaves to Grevesmühl or the Zweilunds. It is used by the pirates of the Zweilunds as safe haven against the Royal Navy of Müden - every time the marines try to pursue pirates inside the gulf, they face the wrath of Rzhlevenian drakkars or even the tsarina herself. The escaping pirates of course have to pay a toll for such protection. The 'Hame is often the theatre of marine clashes between Rzhlev and Grevesmühl.

Despite its name and ancestry, there is no sea activity from the dwarves of Daikhar Zhigun, or at least none of which the humans are aware.

[top]Provinces contained within the Dwarfhame

[top]Sites of interest

  • The port of Duar is famous for being one of the few examples of dwarven architecture outside the mountains. However, very little remains of such a monument, with just a couple of broken statues and a few marble plate there and there;
  • Dead Man's Gorge is an hidden docking bay inside the high cliffs of Evuarr, famous for smuggling activity.

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