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GB Income
2 GB (5 law)
RP Income
5 RP

3 GB
Acc. Regency
3 RP


The legitimist cause in Osoerde is carried by William Moergen, son of the previous Duke, Gerold Moergen. Though most of the realm is under the control of the usurper, Jaison Raenech, William has formed a small band of companions that challenge the authority of Jaison.

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Until a few years ago anyone talking of 'rebels' or the 'legitimist cause' in Osoerde would have been met by mirth, the realm was stable and had been ruled for centuries without disaster. Then came Raenech, the usurper duke, and with his betrayal the descent of an age of darkness across the land. At first the legitimist cause consisted solely of William Moergen himself and a small band of friends. In time he was joined by outlaws seeking redemption, peasants fleeing persecution, and nobles seeking to covertly oppose Raenech's increasingly malevolent rule.
Now William moves almost freely about eastern Osoerde, and Raenech's tax collectors and sheriffs travel abroad only when surrounded by armed guards. The more Raenech seeks to crush the people into obedience and the more 'examples' he makes of 'rebels', the more support for 'the true duke' grows. Raenech commands everywhere within reach of his armies swords, but in the east it reaches no further and the legitimist cause is spoken in a hundred smoky taverns where brawny men tired of steep taxes and arbitrary confiscations and demands talk increasingly of armed rebellion.


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[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Osoerde (legitimist)
Algael (2/3)JRa (2)IHH (2)DWa (2)Swa (3)
Brothendar (3/2)JRa (3)CSH (3)GHi (3)Swa (2)
Ghalliere (2/3)JRa (1)IHH(2)GHi (2)SSM (3)
Gulfport (3/2)JRa (3)CSH(3)SSM (2)
Moergen (2/3)WMo (2)IHH (2)DWa (2)SSM (3)
Moriel (4/1)JRa (3)CSH (3)GHi (2)SSM (1)
WMo (1)TCV (1)DWa (1)
Spiritsend (2/6)JRa (1)DWa (2)Swa (6)
Sunken Lands (2/6)WMo (2)CSH (2)SSM (6)
Abbreviations: WMo=William Moergen (Osoerde); JRa=Jason Raenech (Osoerde); IHH=Impregnable Heart of Haelyn (Hubaere Armiendin); DWa=Diirk Watershold (Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik); Swa=The Swamp Mage; CSH=Church of Storm's Height (Wincae Raehech); GHi=Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders); SSM=Second Swamp Mage; TCV=True Church of Vosgaard.

  • Law: The usurper Duke Jaison Raenech controls most of the law on Osoerde, the fugitive son of the former king William Moergen controls some law in the east.
  • Temples: Most temples in the domain belong to o/s.
  • Guilds: o/s
  • Source: The two Swamp Mages of Osoerde strive for control of all sources in Osoerde.

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