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Arms of BrothendarArms of Brothendar

County Brothendar is a flat, well watered plain ideal for agriculture. Fifty six manors and sixty one villages dot the fields and farms of Brothendar.
Brothendar is the ancestral county of the Raenech family, and when Jaison took over the Ducal throne, he left his sister, Seriena Raenech, as Countess of Brothendar (FAn; Mag 5; Brenna, major, 32; LE). She oversees her eight manors from ancestral Raenech Hall, with her two half-brothers as vassals. Both receive knightly holdings, but are entitled to be styled as Lords because of their family connections. The eldest, Lord Oervel Raenech (MAn; Ftr 4; Brenna, minor, 20; NE) controls three manors, while the younger, Lord Vaesil Raenech (MAn; Thf 3; Brenna; minor, 19; LE) controls two more. Eleven other knights hold a single fief from Countess Seriena.
There are three other overlords in Brothendar, two Baronets who receive their lands directly from the Duke, and a Lord, who receives his lands from the Countess.
The Baronet of Hillsedge, Gavin Raenech (MAn; Ftr 5; Brenna, major, 28; LE) is enfiefed with four manors in the west of Brothendar where some hills interrupt the plains. Gavin serves as a seneschal for his cousin, Duke Jaison Raenech, overseeing a fifth manor in the hills which raises horses for military service. He has six vassals. One is another cousin, Sir Stiele Raenech (MAn; Ftr 3; Brenna, tainted, 10; LN) who rules 2 manors from Blackore Manor. Another of his vassals is the Prior of Clovenshield Monastery, a monastery of Cuiraécen. The Prior, Colin Brightblade (MAn; Pri 6; Brenna, minor, 18; CN), is also related to the Raenech family, and Gavin and Colin are fast friends and constant companions. Four other knights have manors enfiefed to them by Baronet Gavin.
Colier Brothen, Baronet of Brothen (MAn; Ftr 1; Anduiras, minor, 21; LN) oversees five manors from Brothen Hall, and has four vassals. Sir Carel Brothen (MAn; Ftr 6; Anduiras, minor, 21; CN) is his uncle and mentor. He rules two manors. A second vassal is Sir Droene Terem (MAn; Ftr 4; unblooded; NE), who is rather unhappy to be vassal to such a young lord, and is seeking a military position to place himself under the direct authority of the Duke. A two more knights also hold manors from Baronet Colier.
Aeric Pelien, Lord of Ashfall (MAn; Thf 5; unblooded; N) controls a demesne of 4 manors, and has six more enfiefed upon vassals. The town which bears the same name (Ashfall) is a seigneurial town. It is a secret known only to a few that Lord Aeric is also the head of the thieves guild in Ashfall town. His five vassals include Sir Ruormad Terem, who controls 2 manors and four other knights.

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