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Jaison Raenech, as de facto Duke of Osoerde, holds this county as his personal fief, and so the county has no count. Instead, Raenech delegates his local authority to a Seneshal. Raenech himself holds a group of five Manors called the Duke's Estate near the center of the county, about a half a day's ride from the Duchy's capital, the city of Moriel. He holds another ten manors throughout the province, and has sixteen knights enfiefed to nineteen manors. Raenech himself often chooses to retreat to his country home to rest and hunt, or to entertain guests at Osoer Hall, the great Manor House on the grounds of the Duke's Estate.
The first of Raenech's Lords in Moriel is Lord Trevan Uriele, Lord of Munceford (MAn Ftr5, unblooded, LE). From his ancestral home of Munceford Manor, Trevan oversees an estate of seven manors. He is in turn lord to nine vassals. First is Sir Ralf Cariele (MAn Ftr3, Ma, tainted, 6, LN) whose Oakpond Hall sits on a demesne of three manors. His other vassals include Sir Shaemes Anuvier with two manors, Sir Darien Moegara with 2 manors, and another six knights with a single manor.
The second Lord of Moriel County is Lord Riegon Moriel, Lord of Moriel Downs (MAn Ftr4, Vo, tainted, 8, LN). At one time, the Moriel Family were the counts of the province that bears their name, but they have long since lost their independence to the Dukes of Osoerde. From Lark's Nest Hall, Riegon now oversees seven manors, and has six vassals. One is his brother, Sir Aelvin Moriel (MAn T3, Vo, tainted, 8, CN), who rules three manors from Elmshade Manor. Two others are Sir Randal Lanalier with 3 manors and Dame Maeve Terrem with 2 manors. Another three knights are enfiefed to a single manor.
The third of Raenech's Lords in Moriel is the Duke's own right hand man, Lord Terence Gryphon (MAn Ftr7, unblooded, LE) who proved his worth to Raenech during the usurpation. In reward, Raenech ennobled him and gave him five of his six manors which he had taken from those nobles foolish enough to outwardly support William Moergen's claim to the throne in court. This included the magnificent Galtrie Hall, which formerly belonged to the Galtrie family, the last of whose head recently fell to Raenech's executioner. The new Baron has taken to calling his new home Gryphon Hall but many still refer to it by its former name, when the Baron is not around to hear them. In addition to his six direct fiefs, Lord Terence has the obedience of eleven knights with a single fief.
The last Lord of Moriel is Eldried Moriel, Baron of Stonybrook (MAn T1, Vo, tainted, 8, CG) and cousin to Riegon and Aelvin Moriel. His Stonybrook Hall oversees five manors, and his vassal, Sir Moeren Elama has another two, while another twelve knights swear obedience to Lord Eldried Unbeknownst to Raenech, Eldried is secretly a partisan of the fugitive William Moergen, and often shelters him when he is in the county. He does what he can for William, but that comes down to keeping him apprised of all the news in the capital. There is little else Eldried can do without jeopardizing his position.
The city of Moriel is a city run by an ancient charter. The Duke has the right to appoint the Captain of the city's guard and to hear appeals from the city's courts, but otherwise has little influence here. Ghorien Hiriele and his Highland/Overland Traders control the city government.

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