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Known as the Lion of the East during his prime, Gerold Moergen, the Duke of Osoerde was a great ruler of his generation.
Ten years ago, Gerold was growing old and was no longer the Lion of the East. His most trusted lieutenant, Jaison Raenech, had been his squire, and his champion, and had become the Steward of Osoerde. Unknown to most was the fact that Jaison was no longer devoted to the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn. Jaison had been turned from Haelyn to Belinik, abandoned chivalry and the precepts of strength to serve justice, and embraced strength for its own sake and the ruthless teachings of the One True Church of Vosgaard. One of these doctrines was that the strong deserve to rule, and that the weak leader should be deposed and replaced by the stronger warrior. Jaison applied this principle and deposed Gerold, his mentor.
Gerold was married to Gwenaëlle Coeran. Their son is William Moergen.

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