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Arms of Sunken LandsArms of Sunken Lands

The Sunken Lands is named for the large areas swallowed by the ever-growing swamps of northern Osoerde. Once this province was very fertile and well settled. Nowadays the swamp has grown enough to make many people leave the province and covers thousands of square miles of land, but luckily its growth seems to have slowed.
Agelmore Veldaene (MA R7; Ba, Minor, 12; CG) is Viscount of the Sunken Lands, and the other overlords here are Baronets owing fealty to the Duke. But the Viscount bears the office of Lord Warden of the Sunken Lands which allows him to demand support from the Baronets of the land. He controls four manors in this swamp-ridden province directly and three more are enfiefed on knights.
There are two Baronets who hold land in the Sunken Lands. Gaelin Amara (MA F3; unblooded; NG) holds two manors and has enfifed a third on a knight. Mourde Tindier (MA T5; unblooded; CE) controls one manors, and has two more enfiefed on knights.

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