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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official Birthright lore or history.
The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Locations are historic, mystical, or other unusual places in the Birthright universe. These include fairy glades, portals to the Shadow World, caerbhaighlien (places of great natural mebhaighl), and also monster lairs, castles, inns, and all the other accoutrement's of a D&D world...
When adding a location please try to explain how it would be used in game play and what makes it special / the embodiment of the norm. If unsure how to layout a location look at the brwiki templates or copy an existing page. Link it to your user name if you don't want it modified - although these pages can still be edited it shows that you would prefer people didn't mess with your creation.
Locations are currently classified as follows:

[top]Magical locations

Magical locations could be descriptions of sources, portals to the Shadow world, fey areas in elven woods, or magical constructions. In BR magical places will generally be 'natural' in nature rather than constructed locations although the elves and possibly the Khinasi have sufficient magic to build a handful of places with substantial magical aspects.
See Also: Fabled_Timoshev
See Also: Blast-rock circle A mebhaighl-twisted site.
See Also: Ragnar's Folly When Reynir's second champion fought a sidhe lord, time itself was torn...
See Also: The Crystal Caves The gleaming caverns where the sidhelien and karamhul found peace echoes with their grace even today
See Also: The Grimpen Mire Tomb of ancient goblin spirits and twisted swamp, this foul land breeds mutants and madness as readily as it does bugs and vermin.

[top]Natural locations

Natural locations include descriptions of 'wilds' - glaciers, deserts, mountains and the like where only fools and adventurers travel, battle-sites or naturally defensible locations, mines, quarries, and other potential sources of wealth.
See Also: Red river spa A spa with famed healing waters
See Also: The rip rocks A dangerous stretch of water avoided by wise sailors
See Also: Lar?s Tor

[top]Castles and forts

Castles and Forts are constructed fortifications designed to protect an area, provide a refuge, and the like.
See Also: Fort Gyr Druidic holy site and fortress against the giants

[top]Pubs and Taverns

See Also: Wonderer's Inn

[top]Temples and Monasteries

See Also: Ursuline Chapel
See Also: The ice palace A temple of Kriesha
See Also: Silverwell A temple of old Vorynn, now Ruornil.
See Also: The monolith A fey shrine of some sort
See Also: The Stone God This ancient statue is worshiped as a god by the local goblins.

[top]Bridges, vales and roads

See Also: The Fields of Woe A shadow-world touched battlefield


[top]Custom Domains

See Also: Vorostokov Converted Ravenloft domain
See Also: Shadow World Vorostokov Alternative version set in the Shadow World

[top]Other lands

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